David Allen Drops Out Of Leadership Contest To Support Henry Bolton

And then there were ten. David Allen became the first man down in the crowded field of eleven contesting the leadership of UKIP when he told an audience in St. Albans last night that he was withdrawing from the contest and offering his support to Henry Bolton OBE (pictured above).

Whilst the departure of Mr. Allen will not in itself deliver a large boost in numbers to the former diplomat, there is no doubt that it is part of a general gathering of momentum in Mr. Bolton’s campaign. Originally a rank outsider he is now polling at almost neck and neck with Ben Walker in second place on one of the largest online polls (run by Marty Caine of Direct Demos and with nearly 2000 single IP address respondents).

Mr. Bolton has also attracted warm words from Leave.EU Chief Arron Banks, who described him as a good and credible candidate.

As we approach the ‘business end’ of the leadership race, and with the previous favourites starting to make a series of regular ‘unforced errors’ could Henry Bolton OBE be the ‘dark horse’ that creeps up on the inside and rides almost unnoticed past the winning line.

Well, we have just over a month until we find out.

Westmonster Dave is the News Editor of Kipper Central.

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