Labour’s Naz Shah Urged Rotherham Victims To ‘Shut Their Mouths For The Sake of Diversity’

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Bradford West MP Naz Shah (pictured above) is at the centre of a second controversy in as many years after it emerged that she shared and liked a tweet urging abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere ‘to shut their mouths for the sake of diversity’.

The tweet was actually posted by a parody account of Guardian journalist Owen Jones, but was taken literally by Ms. Shah, who clearly echoed the sentiments. Ms Shah has already had to undergo a period of suspension from the Labour Party after sharing some anti-semitic posts suggesting that Israel should be relocated to the USA.

The British-born Muslim’s tweet came less than a week after Rotherham MP Sarah Champion, who was shadow women and equalities minister, was forced from Labour’s frontbench for saying Britain had a problem with Pakistani men abusing young white girls.

Her comments came following the sentencing of 17 Asian men for grooming and sexually exploiting at least 20 young girls in Newcastle.

Rebecca Hilsenrath, the Equality and Human Rights Commission chief, condemned Ms Shah’s actions. She said:

‘Ms Shah should know better.

‘We need to keep the victims of these horrific crimes at the heart of the debate and always remember that diversity is not served by silence.’

Ms Shah was also embroiled in a race-row last week when she attacked a Sun journalist for writing a column saying MPs had to tackle what he deemed “the Muslim problem” and said Ms Champion was one of the few politicians prepared to speak out.

Ms Shah coordinated 107 cross-party politicians to sign an open letter to the newspaper condemning the column for using “Nazi-like language”.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn praised her for the letter.

Jane Collins, the UKIP MEP who twice ran against Ms Champion in Rotherham, and last week supported her, called for Ms Shah to resign.

Ms Collins, an anti-Child Sexual Exploitation campaigner, said:

‘To have someone in Westminster, who has already been suspended once by Labour for anti-semitic comments, who is now supporting a narrative telling survivors of CSE to in effect ‘shut up’ despite the fact the perpetrators are scheduled for appeal, that grooming gangs are only now being brought to justice in some parts of the country and when we have evidence it is still going on in places like Rotherham shows to me that she is unfit for public office.’

A spokesman for Ms Shah said:

‘This was a genuine accident eight days ago that was rectified within minutes. To suggest otherwise is absolute nonsense.

‘Her record speaks for itself. Naz has been working for over 20 years on the issues of child abuse, violence against women and grooming, which is well documented.

‘She has and will continue to advocate for all victims, and work towards eradicating this evil from society.’

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