Why I am backing Anne Marie Waters

When, last century, I joined UKIP, I was well aware that in our two party electoral system we have Labour, Conservatives plus Lib Dems as a dustbin for a protest vote.

I saw UKIP as a ‘Pressure Party’ as opposed to a ‘Pressure Group’. The latter makes a noise between elections but is not on the ballot paper when an election is called. The former will damage someone’s vote at election time. This obliges one, or both, of the two large parties to adjust their own policies to minimise the effect of this pressure.

The problem for a pressure party is that, alongside its core issue, it has to produce a general manifesto for governing the country. This needs to retain the support of the majority of its members.

UKIP supported its prime objective of leaving the EU with a raft of other policies that were presented professionally, and as a result, over a period of 22 years, we forced a Referendum, and then won it!

In the last century the EU issue was unique in that all three parties held the same favourable view of it, yet pressure groups that opposed it abounded.

Since then, another issue has crept into this slot where the three parties all tacitly agree to stifle debate on a subject on which instead there should be vigorous debate.

This is the issue of a rapidly increasing numbers of UK citizens who believe that they are above and beyond the law of the land.

In the name of either cultural heritage or religion they commit sexual assault, rape, grievous bodily harm and sometimes murder. Despite the seriousness of these crimes our political establishment is highly reluctant to pursue prosecutions against them. This is because they fear it ‘will give offence’ or ‘damage community relations’. Anyone who has the courage to challenge this view is labelled as fascist, racist, extremist and bigoted. Sadly, this has proved to be a highly effective tactic. British society now appears to regard perceived racism as a more serious crime than actual paedophile gang rape and sex slavery.

This issue is aggravated by the fact that those who feel they can live beyond our laws ‘enjoy’ a much higher birth rate than the average UK citizen and these numbers are again enhanced by immigration. We cannot ignore this.

I am witnessing for the second time in my life a threat to the civilisation of the society that I am living in. I have once seen the result of a failure to defend western civilisation and I don’t wish to see a repeat.

More than 40 years ago I worked as a Soil and Water Conservation Officer for the Rhodesian Government. I was issued with a pick-up truck to transport my staff and equipment to where we were needed in rural areas. I soon discovered that I had additional duties. The police would ask me to use my vehicle as an ambulance to evacuate victims of Mugabe’s terror troops in the Tribal Trust Lands. Mugabe’s terrorists would arrive at a village demanding food and girls. They were also looking to punish those villagers whom they thought were sympathetic to the whites. ‘Sympathetic’ meant as little as accepting free condoms from passing mobile clinics, or helping round-up villagers’ cattle for the Ministry of Agriculture vets to inoculate.

Punishment involved using a bayonet to deprive such ‘traitors’ of their eyes, noses, lips, ears and genitals. Other villagers were given the choice of cooking and eating what had been removed – or suffering the same fate themselves.

Once the army were alerted, they chased out or killed the terrorists. I would arrive in the aftermath of this to help take the mutilated civilians (men screaming in pain and distress, lashing out at anyone touching them) to the closest clinic.

News of these atrocities would be circulated to the western world, but little interest was taken. The establishment decreed that Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith was an evil racist and that Mugabe’s ‘Freedom Fighters’ were the heroes of Africa. The colour of the next President was far more important than his competence.

I subsequently joined the Rhodesian army and can confirm that whilst it was largely successful in battle, the country was losing the war of words against the western establishment. South Africa thought it could buy time if it betrayed Rhodesia, and that was the end of it…

Liberal Progressive thinkers put Mugabe into power, only to see their naïve faith in him challenged by his use of North Korean soldiers to commit genocide on 22,000 members of the Matabele tribe shortly afterwards.

Forty years later, here we are in the UK with the same Liberal Progressive thinking tolerating violence for the cause of multiculturalism.

Is anyone going to do anything about this while there’s still time?

Enter Ann Marie Waters, a lesbian lady, who is determined to halt and reverse the increasing tide of female oppression and intolerance to homosexuality promoted by certain foreign cultures and by the religion of Islam.

She believes that female genital mutilation, breast ironing, forced marriage, honour violence & killing, gang grooming & rape of vulnerable girls of other cultures (usually white), violence ‘justified ‘ by blasphemy & apostasy and the message of radicalisation that is tolerated in mosques should have no place in our country. She insists that our laws are enforced.

I fully agree with these sentiments and believe that this is the next ‘elephant in the room’ that UKIP has to deal with. I am therefore happy to support her bid to become leader, and have formally proposed her for this role.

What sort of person is she?

The internet will tell you she is communist, fascist, racist, bigoted, extreme right wing and extreme left wing.

Following her around the country, I do not get this impression.

She has spent most of her working life in the NHS. During this time she was an active member of the Labour Party. As a mature student, she also took an external law degree. Studying law brought her into contact with Sharia law in which she has become an expert.

Over the last few years this has resulted in her publishing articles and forming ‘Sharia Watch’. These activities have made it impossible for her to join a firm of solicitors.

She quit the Labour Party disillusioned with rising anti-Semitism and far left philosophy.

She is frequently asked about her connection to Tommy Robinson, the man who founded the pressure group, EDL. Anne Marie replies that she did not meet Robinson until after he had left the movement (utterly disillusioned with the violent type of people whom it was attracting).

She emphasises she has never had any involvement with the BNP or National Front.

She gives me the impression of being a Joan of Arc or a female Gandhi. Her body may appear small and slender, almost to the point of looking frail, but her courage is exemplary. This woman is driven – she has a calling. She is in this contest because she wants to force a change, not to pose and strut.

She has published a Manifesto outlining her views on other topics. She is flexible on these, but not the core message.

I am the only MEP publicly supporting AMW. This has made me unpopular with my colleagues, one of whom has denounced me on LBC radio. I am pretty sanguine about this, because I feel they will catch up with my views in time.

I was ahead of the curve of most of them by recognising the dangers of the EU early on. I stood at the General Election in 2001 at a time when most of my MEP colleagues weren’t even members, and could well have voted against a UKIP candidate in their constituency. The same might apply to some of them in 2005. I fully understand their misgivings, and hold no animosity towards them.

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4 Responses

  1. Baza says:

    “I am the only MEP publicly supporting AMW. This has made me unpopular with my colleagues,”

    Probably made you more popular with the members though

  2. David Allen says:

    I would agree entirely with the sentiment expressed by Aggers, and almost every word. All of us in UKIP are fighting to achieve exactly the changes he identifies. I also agree that Anne Marie Waters is passionate, honest, determined and a great campaigner, but the skills of political party leadership and in depth experience of how things actually work elude her. That is why I stepped down and am backing Henry Bolton, under whose leadership the party can return to a position of influence and drive the agenda once more.
    Politics is about achieving change and under AMW our party would implode. She isn’t a good listener, I know from personal experience, she doesn’t take council very well, she doesn’t respond well when other political issues are raised becase her knowledge is lacking, more than one would expect. She is a powerful campaigner, but political leadership isn’t all about that. We will achieve progress in stemming the abuses of our society but to do that we need to return to relevance and a pert of that is to connect with the majority, which Henry Bolton can do. His background and experience puts him head and shoulders above every other candidate, not just in teh eyes of UKIP members, but in the eyes of the general public as well.

  3. Steve Bater says:

    AMW a 21st century Joan of Arc and a female Ghandi. This is as hilarious as the Labour Party manifesto. So funny Aggers.
    They’ll have you writing Jeremy Corbyn’s speeches after this one. UKIP needs JRE to save it from becoming extinct. He is a multi issue candidate and speaks on all subjects and not just on the one subject. The only initials you need to remember is JRE.

  4. Marty Caine says:

    I have always held you in high regard Stewart Agnew, you were without doubt the hardest working MEP in the party as your vote record has shown year after year but your train of thought in regards to A M Waters has certainly made me wonder if you have lost the plot somewhere along the line.

    AMW is correct in what she says about Sharia Law, FGM, Islamification and no one can deny that but I don’t remember you agreeing with me back in 2013 when I was saying UKIP need to listen to what Tommy Robinson and the EDL were actually protesting about. They were shouting about such atrocities long before AMW and were condemned (quite wrongly) for doing so. What is AMW actually saying that hasn’t already been said by the like of Nation Front, BNP, Britain First, etc and look how well they have all done in British politics. Is that what you actually want for the future of UKIP, to be polling alongside the BNP and getting nowhere fast?

    You understand politics well enough to know that to wield power of change you must first gain that power and that will never happen on an Anti-Islam ticket, only a fool would ever believe it could. If you do an WhoIs check on AMW’s website you will see that the former BNP poster boy Jack Buckby created her domain and campaign slogan ‘For Britain’ in April 2017, long before Paul Nuttall resigned and that leads me to believe that if she became the next leader of UKIP it would become nothing more than an Anti-Islam Pegida Party and that is no good to man nor beast in British politics. Her issue is a serious one and should be championed by UKIP but for her to lead UKIP on that one single issue would be political suicide.

    Maybe that is it, you simply want to put UKIP out of its misery and that would make far more sense to me than what I have just read in your article. It will be a shame to see so many good people’s hard work all be for nothing though….

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