BREAKING NEWS: Bolton challenges NEC over Anne Marie Waters right to stand 

Henry Bolton OBE has initiated a formal challenge to the decision of UKIP’s National Executive Committe to allow the candidacy of Anne Marie Waters.

In a press release just sent out, Mr Bolton says:

“I believe the National Executive Committee’s decision to allow Anne Marie Waters to stand in the party’s leadership election is a violition of the party’s Rules of Procedure. As such, the Committees decision is a violition of the party’s contract with myself and the other candidates”

However, it is unclear what Mr Bolton expects the outcome of this challenge to be. He goes onto state that he has initiated this challenge to preserve the “governance and future of the party” but that a priority for the new leader must take steps to ensure that “integrity” of the party is not compromised again. So, whether the intended outcome is to push for a reconsideration or merely to register a public protest is unclear. Watch this space for more!

John Rees-Evans has come out against Bolton’s statement, saying:

“The membership of UKIP are perfectly capable of deciding what is best for the party. After all, they are the party. We do not need an oligarchy to make these decisions for us. The membership are under no illusion as to what Anne Marie stands for and what will be the implications for the party in the event that she were ever to lead us. Whether or not Anne Marie becomes the leader of our party should be the result of a democratic expression of the people, not a clever manipulation of a vague Constitution and Rule Book that are in desperate need of revision and which may be interpreted whichever way the cleverest lawyer in the room is able to argue.

“Anne Marie Waters must stay on the ballot, and the party leadership must trust its members to do the right thing.”

Kipper Central has contacted other leadership candidates to comment on this matter.

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6 Responses

  1. Pat Bryant says:

    I don’t think the NEC could do right for doing wrong in this case. Whichever decision they took would have been controversial because AMW very cleverly positioned herself as a Victim and managed expectations that she would not be allowed to stand. In expectation of this she wound up her supporters and the media ready for a battle – a battle in which UKIP would have looked like the aggressor.

    The best advice I think is to consider what she says and if you don’t like it don’t vote for her.

  2. jean shaw says:

    John Rees – Evans defends AMW’s candidacy

  3. Nick Ford says:

    Unfortunately John Rees Jones support was veiled with an assumed expectation that Anne Marie would be rejected by the membership. the quote is “Anne Marie Waters must stay on the ballot, and the party leadership must trust its members to do the right thing.”
    which can be interpreted as a veiled suggestion the members should not vote for her. Glad he supported her standing though. We need someone radical and willing to call the authorities and government to account , and that means more than just making a daft comment to existing members telling them what they already know but must push on those issues those the media and those PC people in places of influence try and supress.

  4. Stanley Cutts says:

    It’s almost comical that Henry Bolton is still throwing the toys out of his pram. UKIP is a democratic party – so get used to it! Anne Marie, like you and all the other candidates, will be elected or not elected on how the party members feel about her merits as leader. Capishe?

  5. Marie waters will take the Labour Party ta its knees in a election that’s on the cards ,but under The heading of UKIP it’s a fresh party with a people’s party heading , xxx

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