Lib Dem Deputy Calls on Boris To Cancel Trump State Visit

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Jo Swinson (pictured above) has today called on Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to officially cancel the planned state visit of President Donald Trump to the UK.

Ms. Swinson, who is also the Lib Dem’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson, was speaking after Mr Johnson said that Trump got it ‘totally wrong’ on the Charlotesville protests. She said:

‘It shouldn’t have taken this long for the Foreign Secretary to criticise Donald Trump for his abhorrent defence of white supremacists in Charlottesville.

‘Boris Johnson has long been an apologist for Trump, as he and other Brexiteers are so desperate for a US trade deal.

‘But recent weeks have shown just how risky it would be to abandon our allies in Europe and become dependent on an unstable, obnoxious and narcissistic bully.

‘Boris must show once and for all he isn’t Trump’s poodle and demand the state visit is called off.’

Westmonster Dave is the News Editor of Kipper Central.


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  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    In this turbulent world, it’s important to know who our friends are – and the US is DEFINITELY our friend! This call represents typical naivety from the Dib Lems.

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