Petition Launched To Release British Soldier Who Fought ISIS – PLEASE SIGN

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A petition has been launched to release former British soldier Joe Robinson (pictured above) from custody in Turkey, where he has been detained on ‘terror’ charges. Mr. Robinson voluntarily joined the Kurish YPG in Syria, who are backed by the coalition and NATO, and then joined the Kurish Peshmerger to enter the front line against ISIS. He was also involved in humanitarian efforts in Rojavo.

Mr. Robinson, who served previously in Afghanistan, returned to the UK and recently went on holiday to Turkey. However, on entering the state he was arrested and charged with being a member of a terrorist organisation. Turkey lists the YPG as a proscribed organisation due to their close links with the Kurdistan Workers Party, the main opponent of the increasingly paranoid Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Mr. Robinson is now being held in a cell for 23 hours a day and his girlfriend, Mira Rojkan, has also been arrested and charged for sharing pro-Kurdish material online. A petition has been launched urging Theresa May to intervene in the case and help to have Mr. Robinson released. The petition can be signed here:-

Please Sign and Share widely.

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4 Responses

  1. chris VN says:

    fb is really grovelling to the lefties and muslim appeases and apologists, they just gave me a 24 hr ban for replying to a post about people who have gone to fight AGAINST ISIS, and are now getting a hard time on their return, here is my comment, I thought it was actually good advice.

    ” These blokes should be given jobs in counter terrorism, etc, they know how muslim scum thinks and acts.( they might even recognise a few ” migrants ” from there?? ). ”

    How is that so called ” hate ” speech, because it is probably true.

  2. Margaret Foggin says:

    I will sign when I see petition ,BUT why don’t they mind their own business and support their own country

  3. Gail staples says:

    So wrong

  4. JAMES JOHNSON says:

    Should give his place inside to the moslem terrorist running about in this country free

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