Labour Muslim Candidate Deselected After Raising Pakistani Gang Abuse

Female Labour candidate Amina Lone (pictured above), who stood in Morecambe in the 2015 General Election, has been de-selected as a future Labour candidate in either parliamentary or local elections, meaning that she will not be able to defend her existing council seat in Manchester at the next round of local elections.

Ms. Lone has been living up to her surname by being a lone voice in the muslim community in Manchester speaking out about Pakistani male abuse, and she is also one of the high profile Labour members that rallied in support of Rotherham MP Sarah Champion when she was recently forced to resign from the Shadow Cabinet.

Local veteran activist Drew Walsh was highly critical of the decision to de-select Ms. Lone. He said:

‘Councillors who do not fit in and comply are sidelined or, worse still, removed from the council.

‘A number of councillors, often women and some with family commitments, have stepped down having been pressured to do so.

‘When you have the power and people are not prepared to speak out, you can do as you wish in Manchester Labour party.

‘This shames all of us in Manchester Labour and must be stopped.’

Coun Lone suggested her campaigning work on gender equality in the Muslim community – particularly since the Manchester Arena attack – may have had a part to play.

Her de-selection was the result of a faction ‘looking to curry favour and get rid of an outspoken woman’, she said, adding: ‘It is sad that a minority within tarnish the work of so many decent Labour people.

‘It is curious this action has been taken at a time when I am loudly championing gender equality within faith communities.’

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2 Responses

  1. Stanley Cutts says:

    This seems to be a classic example of political correctness adopted by the socialist opposition. They will stoop to unfathomable depths to ingratiate themselves with the constituency in order to take power at the ballot box. This shameful behaviour of the Labour party is beyond any recognition of free speech and the principles of equality. Labour voters note: THIS IS YOUR DOING!

  1. 2:45 pm, September 5, 2017

    […] the target of a smear campaign by Labour high-ups. Kipper Central readers may remember Ms Lone was deselected for her gender equality work amoung the Muslim community. Not so, say local Party apparatchiks, who […]

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