BREAKING NEWS: Lord Malcolm Pearson Backs David Kurten AM


As the leadership race enters its final phase we have received news here at Kipper Central of another high-profile endorsement, this time for David Kurten. Below is the Press Release issued by Mr Kurten’s team:


Lord Malcolm Pearson, who was leader of UKIP during the 2010 general election and is leader of the UKIP Group in the House of Lords, has dramatically intervened in the party’s leadership election and announced his support for London Assembly Member and party Education Spokesman David Kurten.

Ballot papers for the party’s tightly contested leadership election will be mailed to members in a week’s time on or around 1st September.

Three weeks ago Arron Banks, chairman of Leave.EU and Brexit referendum colleague of Nigel Farage, endorsed David Kurten, stating that “David is an articulate intelligent patriot” and that “he is just what the party needs”.

Now Lord Pearson has stated that “David is a man of courage and conviction” and he “warmly commends him for leader”.

“I am grateful for Lord Pearson’s vote of confidence,” said David. “As a former UKIP leader himself, he knows what is required for the top job.”

David is one of the front runners in the leadership race due to his popularity among members across the country. He first came to national party prominence when he received a rapturous standing ovation for his passionate Education speech about the future for our children at the party conference last September.

David’s profile and popularity soared earlier this month when he stood his ground in response to a vitriolic attack both by Pink News and by party deputy chairman Suzanne Evans over his traditional views on marriage.



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