May Intends To Quit In August 2019

An unnamed Conservative MP has today been widely quoted in the Sunday papers as saying that Prime Minister Theresa May (pictured above) will quit as Prime Minister on August 30th 2019, with her successor announced on September 2nd 2019. The timings have been set to allow the full completion of the Brexit process and then to allow around 4-5 months for a considered Conservative leadership contest to take place.

The timetable was apparently unveiled during a charm offensive that Mrs. May has been carrying out among Tory MP’s. She has been inviting small groups of them to visit Chequers, to enjoy a tour of the grounds followed by Prosecco and hand made chocolates. The PM has then been asking to be given a ‘clear run’ during the Brexit talks, in return for agreeing to the timetable above with precise dates being given.

We understand that the MP concerned was definitely one of those that attended one of the Chequers invites, and so the story has a high degree of credibility. Whether Mrs. May has done enough to hold of her critics and would-be succesors until late 2019, though, remains to be seen.

As a reaction to the news, bookmakers have now slashed the odds on Jacob Rees-Mogg MP to become the next prime minister. The well-spoken Somerset MP now sits just behind David Davis in the bookies stakes, with many seeing the extra time before any contest as providing more opportunity for the ‘Moggmentum’ to continue in Mr. rees-Mogg’s favour.

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