Nigel Farage Tells Merkel ‘She Can Go Jump’ Over Brexit Bill

Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage (pictured above) has delivered a scathing rebuttal to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, after the German leader waded into the row about Britain’s so-called ‘divorce bill’ for leaving the EU. Mrs. Merkel said in her weekly podcast that the UK had an ‘obligation’ to pay, regardless of whether a trade deal was secured or not.

Mr Farage told

‘She can go jump. To ask the UK to pay a Brexit bill without agreement on a free trade deal is tantamount to blackmail.

‘Their make-believe Brexit bill has no legal basis whatsoever and the EU knows it.’

Acting as a mouthpiece for the EU, Mrs Merkel warned the disputed bill will need to be settled before Britain leaves the bloc.She said:

‘This is about obligations that Great Britain has entered into and that naturally must remain on the books.

‘It’s not about the cost of divorce — that makes it sound like fines. We’re still at the very start of these negotiations.’

The question of Britain paying a Brexit bill, let alone how much, is seen by many as the most contentious issue surrounding the Brexit negotiations with many suggesting the UK should not pay one penny while others have argued over just how much Britain should pay.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s administration said in July it acknowledged the country would have a bill to pay for outstanding contributions, saying it wanted to ‘determine a fair settlement of the UK’s rights and obligations.’

The Government though has been silent on just how much the bill should be with some analysts estimating the figure could be as large as £92.5bn ( €100bn) although EU officials have also never put a figure on the sum.

In her podcast, Mrs Merkel described the Brexit bill as a ‘very difficult issue’.

Mrs Merkel’s comments come at a key stage as talks with the EU are due to resume today in Brussels with either side apparently finding little common ground to agree on the key topics.

The German leader faces national elections next month on September 24, and has already launched her campaign to be Chancellor for a fourth time.

As Britain is a net contributor to the EU, any loss of funds could have repercussions on Germany’s domestic policies with other net contributors, such as Germany and France, possibly being forced to make up any difference in the budget.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had previously said the European Union could ‘go whistle’ for any Brexit bill but recently conceded that it would have to pay something to the bloc once it had left.

But he said the upper end figure of €100bn was not a figure he recognised. He said:

‘I think that some of the sums I have seen seem to be very high and of course we will meet our obligating we are law abiding bill paying people.

‘The UK has contributed hundreds of billions over the years to the EU.’

A spokeswoman for the Department for Exiting the European Union said:

‘As David Davis has said, on financial settlement the UK and EU both recognise the importance of sorting out the obligations we have to one another, both legally, and in the spirit of mutual cooperation.’

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5 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    Europe needs the Germans to push this destructive female out of office for good and all, not wait for her to jump. If they don’t, once again Germany is the enemy of Europe.

  2. Frances Fox says:

    John Major organised The Merchant Shipping Act to safeguard our Fishermen from the Spanish Fishermen. The EU Court of Justice overruled this and fined Britain £100 million pounds that was made to be given to the Spanish Fishermen. Wonder if Germany or France had to pay fines as I have never heard if they had.

  3. Neil Finlay says:

    The Country voted to leave the EU, The Government has to up hold that decision
    Yes there are going to be problems,but there are to many in Government blocking or delaying
    The Bill for their own requirements .
    This Country has to be put back together,The Governments over the last sixty years have destroyed the heart of the Country, No Shipbuilding, No major heavy Engineering,No Coal Mines
    No Steel Works,Railway Engineer ing, we need the money here to give our children a future and build this Country back to be one of the best trading Countries in the World

  4. Frances Fox says:

    John Major after Britain being fined through trying to safeguard our Fishing Industry to my disgust went on to THE EXCHANGE RATE MECHANISM that caused the worst recession for Britain since before the 2nd World War.

  5. Frances Fox says:

    Why is it that the Remainers do not say what good they have done for Britain taking more money from our Country building Bridges for other Countries but no help for Britain over the 35 million portholes in Britain.

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