Kate Hoey: ‘Labour Betrayal Opens Way For Farage Return’

Kate Hoey MP (pictured above), a leading Labour voice in favour of Brexit, has warned her party that it has risked the return of ‘a revitalised UKIP led by Nigel Farage’ by abandoning its opposition to continued membership of the single market and the customs union once the UK leaves the European Union.

Her remarks come as Labour faces enormous backlash over their pledge to keep Britain in the EU’s single market and customs union.

The plan marks a dramatic U-turn as the party calls for the UK to remain signed up to Brussels for up to four years after departure in 2019.

There are fears among Labour insiders the policy shift will cost the party votes in key battlegrounds including the Midlands and north.

Ms Hoey told the BBC:

‘We did very well in the last general election by winning back some of those people who left Labour disillusioned and went to Ukip and I do think now that many of those people will be feeling ‘hang on, we voted for Labour because we thought they were serious about Brexit, that they wanted to make a success of it.

‘Now we look like we are not going to do that and we could lose those voters back to (Ukip).

‘Perhaps, you never know, Nigel Farage could come back and there could be a revived Ukip and Labour will have done something which was not necessary.’

Earlier this year, former Ukip leader Nigel Farage said that he would ‘absolutely have to’ make a comeback to frontline politics if Brexit is at risk of not being delivered.

Ms Hoey, an ardent Brexit supporter, claimed that many Remain voters now accepted that Brexit will happen, making her unsure as to why the Labour leadership had chosen to shift its position.

She also warned of a group of Labour MPs who ‘would love to get us back to another referendum’ to keep Britain under the yoke of Brussels.

However, Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, has welcomed the U-turn and has announced that he wanted the UK to stay in the single market and customs union during a transition period after Brexit.

The Labour frontbencher is also understood to want a future Labour government to strike a deal that could extend single market membership indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Labour leader Corbyn admitted that he did not know how long any transitional period would last, saying it would be ‘as long as is necessary but time-limited’.

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