Labour Council Spent £1.4 Million on Chinese Meals & Cinema Tickets – Now Slashes Public Services Budget

Labour run Bristol City Council is at the centre of a spending row after it announced plans to slash £33 million in cuts from its public services budget. Despite claiming to be ‘absolutely cash-strapped’ and left with ‘no alternatives’, investigations have uncovered the following spending by the council over the past 24 months using council taxpayers money:

  • £78k to online retailer Amazon
  • £6k on meals out, including £1k at a Chinese restaurant
  • £24k on flights
  • £4.5k on High Street Fashion
  • £500 for cinema tickets
  • £382 on paragliding
  • £94 on an Armani outfit
  • £20 on playing the online game ‘minecraft’ – yes, that’s right, taxpayers money spent on a game
  • £106 for adventure golf
  • £198 for a private chauffeur
  • £228 for Apple I-Tunes
  • £195 in pubs (admittedly that’s only one night out for Nigel Farage!!)
  • £34 for fishing supplies (Nigel would probably approve of that one, too)
  • £49 for a shaver
Bristol City Council said:

‘There has not been an internal audit of procurement card spending in the last three years, but internal audit are currently carrying out a review of purchase cards. We do not have any report as yet.

‘Our HR team are currently searching through all records of employees with purchase cards to determine whether any holder has been reprimanded in connection with their use of the cards.’

The council’s Conservative Group leader Mark Weston said:

‘No-one should be spending that on paragliding. Context is important. If the council bought it and someone, for example a school, paid it back, that is OK.

‘But if the council has bought it for corporate team-building it is absurd.

‘I don’t like the idea of corporate credit cards apart from for the very senior management and even for them there has to be a level of scale to make sure everything they spend is justified.’

John O’Connell, of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, said:

‘Taxpayers will be shocked to discover their hard-earned money being spent so extravagantly by the council. There’s no good reason for spending on designer clothes and online games.

‘These credit cards can be an efficient way for the council to buy day-to-day essentials, but all too often they are used inappropriately.’

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2 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    If people are dumb enough to vote for corrupt Labour, they deserve to be fleeced and betrayed.

  2. Carole Smyth says:

    Never stops does it ,if it’s not meps parliament expenses it’s other ways ,all of there expenses should be stopped, pay it out of their wages like any normal hard working person has too.

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