James Carver MEP: Why I’m Backing Henry Bolton for UKIP Leader

I thought long and hard about which candidate to support in the forthcoming leadership elections as the party is very dear to me. Having been a UKIP activist for more than 20 years, I believe it to be the only political force truly dedicated to putting the great back into Great Britain.

As a passionate Brexiteer, I campaigned to leave the EU so we could take back our sovereignty – control our own laws, borders and way of life.

I also fervently want the UK to be forward-looking to have a truly global perspective in terms of trade and in its relationships with other countries across the globe.

As you know, I resigned from my role as Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs spokesman during the run up to the General Election because I strongly disagreed with the anti-Muslim line the party’s hierarchy at the time seemed to be taking.

I believe the integration policy was misguided and ill-conceived and it worries me that some candidates in this leadership contest still want to take the party to the far right.

We must continue our role of watchdog to ensure no backsliding by the Government during the Brexit negotiations But, unless, we are going to be remembered as a single-issue party and consigned to the annals of history, we must have policies in tune with the hopes and aspirations of the majority of the British people.

In June the electorate told us, loud and clear, they had no truck for the marginalizing of particular ethnic groups, and we close our ears to that message at our peril.

Henry Bolton is a fair and thinking man who, I believe, will listen to UKIP’s rank and file, and with moderate ideals and broader domestic policies, can capture support and engage the electorate post Brexit.

He is a former policeman and army intelligence officer who was awarded the OBE in 2013 for his services to international security.

Henry fought a well-organised campaign in the police and crime commissioner elections in Kent last year, coming close to the Conservative victor and has risen from rank outsider to serious contender in the UKIP leadership race.

That’s because he is moderate – not extreme in his views – but also because he has vision, is astute and has the kind of disposition that brings people together.

The skills he has acquired through his professional life have equipped him to be organised, authoritative, pragmatic, an excellent speaker, conciliatory, but no push-over.

As Jeffrey Titford did before, when our party hit turbulent times at the turn of the millennium, I believe that Henry will steady the ship and lead us forward with determination and cohesiveness to a bright, fresh and exciting future.

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2 Responses


    Henry Bolton is no leader,he issued a legal challenge at the very last moment,just
    before the final list of leadership candidates went to the printers.This action proves that Bolton is just another of UKIP’S USEFUL IDIOTS OF ISLAM.His action was both
    I’ll concievd and potentially ruinous for the party.Bolton was vindictive and spiteful to Anne Marie Waters,even after he had to withdraw his challenge,this despicable
    person continued to denigrate and attack Anne Marie.Bolton then attacks our NEC,
    and goes on to say “In withdrawing my challenge I retain my unambiguously clear
    position that the NEC,which has become a forum in which individual agendas are
    pursued rather than the interests of the party,is wrong to allow Anne-Marie Waters to stand and is unfit for purpose in its present form”
    Everyone see paragraph 4,when Carver says:” I strongly disagreed with the Anti-Islam line that the party’s hierarchy at the time seemed to be taking”.
    It is obvious to me that Carver is so out of touch that has not seen that absurd
    and most damaging,Muslim Appeasing Pro Halal Leaflet,first seen at Stoke.This has caused us to lose over 25% of our members,and over 200 of our Patrons.
    One of the main reasons that I joined UKIP,years ago was because of that most worthy of policies,to ban that most evil and cruel vile and despicable non
    stun slaughter of our poor and peaceful animals,when those most hateful people
    slit the animals throats,and then shackle them upside down on an overhead conveyor,then while these poor creatures are still alive,they effectively choke to death on their own lifeblood.Halal is designed by Muslims who hate all animals,
    to actually cause the most unbearable pain and suffering imaginable.
    For over 30 years I have campaigned against this most vile and verminous bloody practice,Halal has no place in Britain in the 21 ST Centuary.
    This vile and despicable Muslim Appeasing Pro bloody Halal Leaflet was produced by Whittle,O’Flynn and of course Paul Simple.Everyone please click my link,and see my comments,see especially my third down,published on March 7,2017 at 3:19 PM,
    click my link,and you will see how absurd Paul Simple really was.He and Whittle together now with Etheridge,Collins,Coburn,Carver,Hookem.Gill,Bolton etc etc,together with the
    failed hierarchy who still control UKIP,have lost us so much support.
    This policy of Appeasing Muslims and being Pro Halal while being Anti Sharia shows how stupid these people really are,because Halal and Sharia Law are inextricably
    linked,and do not belong in our country.These very people whom attack the Brave and Courageous Anne Marie Waters,I think would be all better of joining those numpties,the Lib-Demons,who won’t be happy until there is only standing room in Britain,and they will all have become:THE USEFUL IDIOTS OF ISLAM.
    If UKIP cannot become really Radical then we are indeed finished.
    Watch this space,as I intend to expose all those who have attacked Anne Marie,when she described Islam as “EVIL”and a “KILLING MACHINE”,which is the absolute truth.
    There is something seriously wrong with these useful idiots of Islam,when they hate
    Anne Marie Waters more that they should be hating the Islamification of Britain.
    I will finish by asking everyone to click my above link,and you will all see how totally
    incompatible Muslims are,they should never ever have been allowed to set foot into
    our Country,and it makes me incandescent with rage when,we are told that we must bow down to Islam,by siding with the death cult Islamists.I find it sickening that UKIP has become so cucked,what do these useful idiots think they are going to achieve.My Brave and courageous Ancestors,along with countless others relatives who all made the ultimate sacrifice,when they lost their lives in Two,World Wars
    fighting for our very freedoms,only for those traitors,our useless political elite give
    everything we have ever achieved away to the most vile evil and cruelest of all
    people who have ever walked on God’s Earth,the death cult Islamists.
    I refuse to bow down to Islam,and all which that most perverted of Religions demands.Many of our people are so beaten down,they are now too afraid to call a spade a spade,too afraid to enter many of our City Centres,my granddaughters now too afraid to travel alone in a Taxi,driven by a member of The Religion of Peace,because where they live,many girls alone at night have been raped.
    I am 73 years old,I remember I was so proud of our country,I wish I could turn the clock back,but I can’t, it seems like a bad dream,in the morning when I awake it suddenly dawns on me,how our useless so called leaders past and present have given away to our enemies,who hate us so much they want to harm our mainly young girls,after attending a pop concert by inflicting them with the maximum pain,when they are blown to bits by yet another Muslim Terrorist who packed his suicide bomb with nails.These evil.people then drive vehicles into our people on
    pavements.I keep telling people,this is something that they could do anytime of the day or night,in any of our Towns and Cities,and there is nothing being done to stop
    this from happening.They could launch multiple attacks and still that traitor and
    Muslim Appeaser Sharia May,would still do nothing to protect us.
    If like me you want your country back,and want there to,be a future for all of our grandchildren and great grandchildren,then join me in voting for the wonderful
    Anne Marie Waters,we really are in the last chance saloon,we who so want UKIP and
    indeed our country to,survive this Muslim onslaught.

  2. Dee says:

    Mr Bolton did himself no favors in my eyes by causing mayhem during the Leadership contest challenging Anne Marie’s candidacy. When asked at recent Hustings about this, he said he had put forward his challenge because the NEC had wrongly dated from when the candidates should be in good standing. If that was so, Anne Marie asked, why did you pick on me? Mr Bolton didn’t answer. He had no answer to her question – I’m afraid his explaination was completely untrue, because if this was the reason, then he should have demanded that all candidates stand down and the election be started again. Of course he withdrew his challenge when faced with those excellent Lawyers Carter Ruck, who would have torn him to shreds in court.
    Do UKIP really need another Leader who is ‘economical with the truth’ – and is willing to upset the Party for his own ends, only to back down because he hasn’t a leg to stand on?
    Many in UKIP are rightly wary of people who have spent too much time in the ‘establishment’ – it even seems to manage to corrupt some within UKIP who have put personal ambition before party and left it, while still taking salaries as ‘independent’.
    The public will see Mr Bolton, with his establishment civil servant persona, as simply a chip off all the other available blocks – I’m sorry to say that in soundbite interviews he will have, to coin a memorable phrase,” the charisma of a damp rag”. He may be endorsed by Nigel, but perhaps Nigel has spent too much time recently on the inside.

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