John Redwood Slams Brussels: ‘You Are Lucky We Are Being So Generous’

Conservative MP John Redwood (pictured above) has hit out at the tactics being employed by the EU negotiating team in Brussels, saying that the UK did not receive a ‘welcome gift’ when it joined the EU and so there was no reason why it should feel obliged to provide a ‘leaving present’ to the bloc.

The Leave supporter blasted EU institutions for dismissing UK’s attempts to negotiate a new free trade deal as part of the early Brexit talks.

Mr Redwood said: “We are making them a very generous offer of a great future relationship which will be good for them and us.

“It shouldn’t be a fight. It’s terribly easy: we are a generous partner of the European Union.

“We’ve been an extremely generous partner as a member, we wish to be a very generous trading partner and friend and ally once we’re out.”

The Tory MP said the European Union needed to accept the UK will be leaving by 2019 and focus on striking a new deal.

He said: “In the next 19 months, the EU has to understand we are leaving and they need a good, positive relationship with us just as we are offering them.

Mr Redwood has been openly opposed to paying a divorce bill to the EU, claiming that the UK “owes nothing” to Brussels.

Discussing the Brexit bill, he said: “It seems to me very easy: the UK doesn’t owe them anything.

“The treaties make no provision for making a ‘leaving present’ to the EU when we go, just as we didn’t get a welcome present when we arrived.”

Mr Redwood’s comments come after EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier claimed the UK was not taking the Brexit negotiations seriously.

EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker doubled down on Britain, saying there was no chance trade talks could start before the divorce was settled.

He said: “We need to be crystal clear that we will commence no negotiations on the new relationship particularly the new economic and trade relationship between the UK and the EU before all these questions are resolved…that is to say the divorce between the EU and the UK.”

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6 Responses

  1. Michael J Owen says:

    Clearly John Redwood should be a member of the UK negotiating team, I agree completely with his comments and observations. Barnier is a typical nasty, arrogant, EU bureaucrat who thinks he is gods gift. The UK team should be telling the EU what our leaving terms are, take them or leave them. NO divorce bill. We have offered to treat EU citizens in the UK with full UK law so long as the EU treats UK people living in the EU under EU law. But that is not good enough they want EU law to remain in force in the UK. I wonder what the USA would say if they tried to impose EU law on EU citizens living in the USA?

  2. Linda Hudson says:

    John Redwood one of my Brexit heroes!

  3. Chrissycl says:

    This man is completely right. We shouldn’t pay them a bean. We owe them nothing. They’ve had enough money out of us.
    Like Michael J Owen said, David Davis should set out what and how we are going to leave and they can take it or leave it. You can’t negotiate with arrogant pigs. They have no intention of accepting anything that we put forward.

  4. Roger says:

    May is a weak, probably corrupt, Prime Minister….she is holding us in the EU for what…?????? They will never give us a good deal, they are holding us to ransom on a deal promise……May either has not got the balls to walk away or she is getting a share in the money that we are paying the EU every week…..We will see how weak she is……a disgrace to the country and the people…..she is stealing the British Taxpayers money if she pays these crooks…….they are a government no one wants…..she should be sacked, she is a useless waste of time… Sack her and give Jacob Rees Mogg the job…he cannot be any worse than this useless woman…..

  5. Michael Dixon says:

    We need Redwood and JRM on the negotiating team – if negotiation is the correct term. It could all be sttled in a day or so as it’s a case of quid pro quo surely.

  6. MARY Smith says:

    Michael couldn’t agree more with your response this is getting really stupid We are being taken as fools, they will have all their own way and all the money that that get, until we as a country will be in the gutter. Mrs May has really lost the plot and if she isn’t stopped this will be the end there will be us stuck in the EU and only have the crap that they deem to give us. She has Thaler this much to far and we must all be wondering how we can get back to our Brexit means Brexit. There’s no good waiting until the next election as it will be to late. They know she well out of her depth and their taking advantage now, she’s selling us all down the road that we never wanted. Their too clever or crafty to let her go now financially and they will cream off exactly what they want. She must be replaced by a leaver who is for this country. What’s happening to Great Britain? . ????????.

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