Labour MP: Let ‘Sensible Women’ Not ‘Macho Men’ Negotiate Brexit

Veteran Left Wing Labour MP Paul Flynn has told Talk Radio that he feels having ‘macho men’ negotiate Britain’s departure from the EU is not the answer to delivering the best outcome for the UK from the talks. Instead Mr. Flynn (pictured above) feels that it should be left up to ‘sensible women’ to conduct the negotiations.

Mr. Flynn told the radio channel:

‘I hate to be sexist but if you want to get a solution in a position like this you don’t send in butch macho males to do it.

‘You send in sensible women who are prepared to compromise. If that’s a sexist argument I’m a sexist.

‘Women will search for solutions and men will do the sort of things that (negotiators are) both doing now, standing up and doing this macho posturing talking about how brilliant they are.’

Mr. Flynn also questioned what the plan will be for Ireland in Brexit and said:

‘Where’s the border going to be in Northern Ireland? We’ve got a border that’s no border, that’ll be manned by the leprechauns.

‘It isn’t an explanation [from Brexit negotiators]. It isn’t a rational solution.

‘When the truth of what’s likely to happen, all the horrors of Brexit are emerging, then Parliament’s not going to allow the Prime Minister to drive the country into a sinkhole.”
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