BREAKING NEWS: Mike Hookem MEP, Ray Finch MEP, Endorses Henry Bolton – Farage ‘political referee’

Just 2 days before ballot papers are sent out, word has reached us at Kipper Central that we have another high-profile endorsement, this time it is from Mike Hookem MEP for Henry Bolton OBE. Mr Hookem said:

Henry’s amazing background makes him the only candidate who can rebuild our Party. 

It is fair to say Mr Bolton has built some momentum up over the past couple of weeks especially in terms of attracting endorsements but that leads to a wider question; do endorsements make a difference? Either way, it has been a long and gruelling leadership contest and there will be, in many quarters a certain sigh of relief when we have our new leader. Watch this space for more breaking news as it happens!

UPDATE: He has been joined by Ray Finch MEP who said:

Henry’s leadership and organisational record, his international reputation and his army, police and diplomatic and security experience means the choice of our next leader is an easy for me – I’m Backing Bolton.

UPDATE: Team Bolton has revealed that Nigel Farage acted as Mr Bolton’s Political Referee for his leadership application. While not an endorsement as such, it does mean that Nigel was prepared to vouch  for the political and personal character of Mr Bolton and his fitness to lead UKIP. 

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2 Responses

  1. David Jenkins says:

    A nifty bit of knife flashery from the spivs in the undergrowth but there is still no-one who holds a candle to Anne Marie.

  2. Brian Sallis says:

    Endorsements from MEPs is a sign of jobs for the boys , to my mind , I don’t think the members are bothered who endorses who , they will have their favourite, and if they don’t , will think very hard before voting

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