BREAKING NEWS: Walker, Coburn, Collins & Mason form ‘Management Team’

Ben Walker has released the following statement:

It is obvious that this party is teetering on the brink. We cannot go on under the current structure and in the current manner.

This election campaign has been long and very difficult, there are clearly too many candidates and the eventual winner could have a very small mandate from the party members to go forward.

To that end I and other candidates, Jane Collins, David Coburn and Marian Mason have formed a management team. There is a press statement coming out later today and a press conference on Monday am.

It is crucial that my supporters understand that under this new team of very experienced politicians and experienced Ukip members I will be appointed, on succesful election of the team, to be the Party Chair. i will be responsible for the changes to the structure and internal management I have campaigned so hard on.

I hope that my supporters will get behind this team, headed by Jane Collins MEP to take this party forward and build within it the unity we so badly need and ensure therefore a very successful and sound future.

Further statements will be made in due course.

I assume that if this team is headed by Jane Collins MEP then she will now be the candidate for this team and the rest are withdrawing?? More to follow! Confirmed: Ben Walker, David Coburn & Marion Mason have pulled out to support Jane Collins MEP. Ben Walker will be Chair, David Coburn Deputy if Jane Collins is successfully elected leader. PRESS CONFERENCE MONDAY WITH MORE DETAILS!

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14 Responses

  1. Dibbs says:

    Jane Collins? God help UKIP if that oligarch gets in.

  2. joan.ayres says:

    Only one person fit for the leadership of Ukip that will get most votes Ann Marie Waters she is a true patriot like Mr Nigel Farage shows no fear and totally ignores the name calling one strong gutsy Lady just what the party needs what every other person since Mr Farage stood down has lacked, True conviction of her cause the British citizens .I think she will be excellent I have watched her in public and at board meetings she does not falter she knows what her public want and by God she will give her all to make it happen given the chance .

  3. Nash Rex says:

    Attempt to pull the rug from AM Waters

    Shameful, just bloody shameful.

  4. DICK R says:

    Nuttall threw away the by election the moment he went grovelling around that mosque in Stoke .

    • William Jaeger says:

      The decision to parachute him in in the first place is what did for both Nuttal and Ukip..There was a perfectly good local man there ready and waiting to go!

      • Cliff Sellers says:

        Agree William, UKIP must campaign on a local level to understand the needs & aspirations of their electorate, bringing in outsiders looking for safe seats is the established way, UKIP must lead the field being honest & different.

  5. Barrie greatorex says:

    Waters would be a backward step in to the MSM onslaught of xenophobic, racist,bigotry and facist accusations. UKIP must progress on the path it started, that is to see a successful exit from the EU. Many voters will appreciate Ukips stand on this issue but will shy away from Waters rhetoric and we would be playing right in to the hands of the other three parties. Her agenda is best left to the likes of Tommy Robinson and the BNP, she should be honest and joinRobinson in his crusade.

  6. Cliff Sellers says:

    Sincerely hope that this is the genuine rebirth of UKIP which has been long waited for. The tories have no intention of abiding by the referendum result so a strong, united party with credible candidates in their own areas are required to bring justice to democracy. The in-party fighting allowed the tories to syphon away UKIP voters, its time to unite & fight with honesty & integrity.

  7. Jim says:

    It’s an attempted coup worthy of a banana republic.

  8. roefootageboy says:

    TV Live Debate would be great JC versus AMW, get somebody ready to MEP, sorry MOP up the mess! Rats in a Barrel undermining members votes springs to mind on this one?
    Flexibility in bending UKIP party rule book has always been their forte so nothing new here. Can’t wait to see next leadership concoction they dream up next to throw AMW out.
    UKIP was THE vessel for the UK population to Vote on the EU, now its out of good will from many of its membership. Many of its previous membership have jumped ship as their stomachs just can’t eat UKIP for Breakfast, Dinner and Tea as they used to. Their appetite for Politics is smouldering away waiting for BREXIT to be their Last Supper with any UKIP association! In simple terms its a spent party.

  9. Barrie Greratorex says:

    The UKIP brand is still a powerful advocate for those who want control of their Countries destiny. Bearing in mind that UKIP fielded a candidate for only 50% of the available seats and many of the supporters voted to prevent May from running roughshod over Tory sceptics, means support is very much alive. They await a strong leader but not one that will turn back the clock to the old MSM attacks of racism and xenophobia. Brexit is this issue that will bring the “Peoples army” out in force once again, so keep the faith and vote for reason not hatred.

  1. 4:19 pm, September 1, 2017

    […] on from the withdrawal of Ben Walker, David Coburn and Marion Mason yesterday to support Jane Collins MEP, more flesh has […]

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