EU Tells UK: ‘Give Us More Foreign Aid Money Before You Leave’

EU Chief negotiator Michel Barnier (pictured above) appears to be making increasingly unreasonable demands on his UK counterpart, the Brexit Secretary David Davis. Mr. Barnier has now said that the UK needs to pay an additional sum of foreign aid to the EU to cover projects in Africa such as building bridges for wildlife to cross, as well as loans to the Ukraine and for other environmental projects in Europe. This is in addition to the 0.7% of gross domestic product (GDP) that the UK already provides in aid.

Mr. Barnier said that it was ‘unreasonable’ for any of the other 27 EU countries to pay for the aid and that the UK should therefore pay in full. He said that if the UK had remained in the European Union then it would have had to pay the money and so it should still pay the amount it would have paid up until 2020. He said that a failure to pay for the aid would ‘damage trust’ between the EU and Britain.

The development comes as Liam Fox MP accuses the EU negotiating team of trying to ‘blackmail the UK’ in a speech this morning.

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