Corbyn Confirms Labour To Table Amendments For ‘Soft Brexit’

It has been reported in The Times that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (pictured above) has given in to pressure from the Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Kier Starmer and will table amendments to the Great Repeal Bill which is due to have its first reading in parliament next week. Labour will table amendments to ensure that membership of the single market and customs union can be retained during the so-called ‘transitional arrangements period’.

On Thursday, British lawmakers will hold their first full parliamentary debate on legislation dubbed the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ which will sever the country’s ties with the European Union.

Their first opportunity to put forward amendments to the bill, either proposing changes or adding new clauses, comes at a later stage.

Labour will call on Prime Minister Theresa May to make a series of changes including allowing parliament to replicate any new EU laws on employment rights, the environment and consumer protection, The Times reported, citing a letter sent by Labour’s Brexit spokesman to minister David Davis.

The party said last week that it wanted to keep Britain in the European single market and customs union for a while after Britain formally leaves the EU in 2019, offering an alternative to the Conservative government’s stance.

The legislation’s passage through parliament could make or break May’s future after she lost her outright parliamentary majority in a June snap election, reopening the debate on the nature of Brexit.

(Additional reporting by Reuters).

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