Pakistani University Bans Gender Mixing to ‘Maintain Education Standard’

Hazara University, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, has last month banned men and women from mixing on campus. This includes talking, working together or any other form of ‘mixing’. Students who break the new rule will be fined up to rs5000, roughly equivalent to £60.

The University claims that the harsh measure is to ‘maintain education standard’ but many critics of the strategy, both from within and outside the university, have suggested that it will only hinder education because the students will not be able to discuss subject matters or extracurricular activities with those of the opposite gender.

Students caught mixing with the other gender are also asked their surname so that the university can get hold of their family tree, although it is unclear how this will be used.

The move will be seen to bring the university back to the times of gender segregation and could potentially open the door to sexism and a lack of social understanding of different genders among students.

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