Poorest benefit most from Brexit – Labour Leave 

Labour Leave, an organisation which to put it mildly must be feeling frustrated right now, has produced an important report.

Working with a group of economists they have demonstrated that Brexit, by bringing a reduction in prices and immigration, will save Britain’s most deprived families £36 per week.

Furthermore, the group warns that a so-called ‘soft Brexit’:


will leave us worse off and in danger of remaining in the EU in all but name


Meanwhile, Corbyns Brexit flip-flop may have pleased constantly Remoaning Labour MPs but it has raised the spectre of the first major confrontation between his popularist leadership and the Labour membership potentially being on the cards.

Nothing shows Labour’s contempt for its working class support more than it’s attitudes to Brexit and immigration. Up to this point Corbyn having stuck to his principles of immigration seemed to be able to soothe working class concerns on Brexit and a lot of his support at the last election was purchased with this promise. It surely cannot be long before Labours core support is once again left facing the cold harsh reality of its abandonment by the Labour leadership and surely also a matter of time before Mr Corbyn reaps the electoral whirlwind.

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2 Responses

  1. Simon Blanchard says:

    I think his message was very clear. He’s had his large cheque in the post from Soros who at the moment is throwing about his 18 billion quid in globalist open border causes. Tories too and you’ll see why as I’ll explain.
    Of all the people I know of, Corbyn has a brother called Piers who is a climate expert and he knows MMCC is complete bunkum and all of it is natural, much of it caused by variations in Solar activity, so when Jeremy said “tackling climate change”, does he not take heed of his own brother’s expert advice or does it have another meaning, a hidden code. It could be “I’m aware MMCC is a load of bollox, but I’m in your service and thank you for the large cheque kindly received in the post” to the globalists is listening to his speech.

  1. 1:31 pm, September 5, 2017

    […] he has opened himself up to being eventually backed into that corner. However, this will cause a massive conflict potentially with his own power base. So, we now have two main parties who are totally at sea over […]

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