Angela Merkel Set to Win Fourth German Chancellor Election

Angela Merkel is leading in opinion polls in what will be her fourth chancellor election, despite her failed policies on immigration, multiculturalism and foreign aid, among much else.

Angela Merkel's Party's polling is shown in black, where each other line represents another party

Source: Wikipedia

Last night (Sunday) saw the first & last of the televised debates for the chancellorship, which was seen by most as the last opportunity for Martin Shulz, Merkel’s main opposition, to win over some of the undecided voters and get just over the line.

While Merkel didn’t have a particularly exceptional performance, Shulz failed to make any more than a single well-received point and as such lost the debate rather dramatically. Commentators and columnists are united in the view that the election is already decided in Merkels’ favour, and no matter how great of a campaign and how well his voters turn out, Shulz simply cannot win now.

The inevitable result will likely see another 4 years of Germany pushing for a United States of Europe via increased EU powers and German dominance within, as well as 4 more years of Germany working the single market in its own favour.

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Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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1 Response

    Everyone please click my first link and you can see that Germany is set for 4 more years of
    importing terror into Germany,by that most USEFUL IDIOT OF ISLAM, MERKEL.
    Click my second link,this was published on UKIP DAILY,and the title:IS THE ISLAMIC RELIGION TAKING OVER,written by Sonya Jay Porter,whom I have the greatest respect,and
    who has written such marvellous articles for us,and who has been a long standing UKIP
    member and activist since 1994.
    I have written various replies,however you must see my main comment,which was published
    on October the 13TH 2016,at 10:58 PM.
    Many of my UKIP friends,colleagues and activists,will already know of my many sayings,
    my latest,which I mention above:The Most Useful Idiot of Islam,which I seem to be using of
    late quite a lot,as well as describing those remainiacs from that bunch of traitors and failures
    of the Liebore party,the Lib-Demons,and the Con–Artists,together with the rest of Welsh
    Labour here in Cardiff Bay,headed by Carwyn the Crook and Plaid Cymru,led by Fishwife Leanne Wood,I have also used it to describe those responsible for the decline of our UKIP membership by some 25% to the loss of over 200 of our Patrons,when the failed hierarchy who still control UKIP,together with Paul simple Nutall,Peter Whittle,O’Flynn,and others who were all complicit in producing the absurd and despicable Muslim Appeasing Pro Bloody Halal Leaflet ,first seen at the disasterous,and spectacular failure at Stoke,which I know was the beginning of the end for my beloved Party.Other recents,when I demanded a Canditate Cull,that was when we still had 11 still standing in our leadership election,really
    how ridiculous was that,at the time I remember saying that the majority were nohopers,who all had Delusions of Grandeur,and that had overtaken any brain that they might have had.
    Anyway back to my main comment,and one of my most infamous sayings:
    MAD COW MERKEL THE MOTHER OF ALL MIGRANTS,who has invited inover 1.4 Million of the
    Devils Henchmen into Germany.
    I thought it was so apt then,as it is now,especially as Mad Cow Merkel says “Europe must take more Migrants”,this woman really is one sandwich short of a picknick.
    Last year the latest total figures are that over 650,000 immigrants came here,to our little and already grossly overcrowded little island,fuelling concerns about job shortages,ever longer
    hospital waiting lists,not enough Doctors surgeries,not enough schools,not enough houses,
    our roads and now even Motorways,now continually gridlocked.
    I so hate to continually have to be told the bloody net migration,that is the difference between those of who left,and new arrivals.Many of our most brightest and best gone to work in Australia and New
    Zealand etc,who will all have emigrated for good,and can anyone blame them?
    The net migration for last year were that 335,000 left and 284,000 were new arrivals,
    according to the ONS figures.
    For crying out loud what does it take to make people understand that we longer have enough resources to take any more so called economic migrants,whom we have no work for,
    we are already borrowing money to house,clothe and feed the millions already here,how absurd is that.The time will soon come when we will have more uneconomic migrants together with their huge families,and our own indigenous people whom we also have no work for,all on benefits,the s*it will hit the fan when those out of work outnumber those of us in work,and paying tax into the welfare system,that surely will be the time when our whole economy will implode.I say to you all who doubt my facts,and say that can never happen,believe that won’t stop it from happening.
    Why should we have to accept that constant growth,and more and more people,with their never ending need for mor and more hoses,and more development is good for us.

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