Radical Social Justice – Legitimate Concern, or Right-Wing Paranoia?

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As a centrist, it is my obligation to see the best and worst of both sides of the typical political spectrum – to which I am economically right, but socially left, however in recent years a common fear has arisen among the right of radical liberalism among groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Radical Feminists, and others of the like who preach ‘diversity’ by justifying violence to straight white males and making unjust demands versus any who they disagree with. However, an educated leftist can easily make the argument that these groups have reasons to be mad, and are only taking up arms and being loud about it because they have justification to do so due to white supremacists, neo-nazis and the like – that such groups like radical feminists are merely right-wing strawmen designed to create a conservative victimhood. Knowing this, lets take a brief look at such groups to decipher whether the right’s fear and suspicion of them is all that granted.


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In the words of Winston Churchill, fascists of the future will label themselves antifascists. Antifa are hard-left anarcho-communists who claim to stand up for marginalized social groups, and fight what they see as Fascism, often adopting the “Punch a Nazi” narrative, and believing that only dead fascists are good fascists. On paper, this ideology is actually not all that much to shun – one would rightly “Punch a Nazi” and much worse if given the chance, because killing one evil dictator in order to save millions of lives is far from a bad thing. However… Antifa have a habit of labeling anyone who so much as disagrees with them as fascists, nazis, and white supremacists, simply to justify this violent narrative. Also, they seem far more intent on fighting what they see as far-right, than in promoting their far-left agenda.

For a little history lesson, the “Antifa” movement dates back to 1930s Germany, Antifaschistische Aktion which formed on July 10, 1932 by the Communist Party of Germany. Anti-fascists were vehemently opposed to the ideologies of Mussolini, Hitler and Francisco Franco in these years, when fighting growing fascism was actually an issue. These days however, after being “spurred” into action by Trump, as CNN puts it, they have taken up arms against the Trump administration once again showing off their anti-government, anarchistic motives. If you thought their symbol looked eerily similar to the anti-fascist communists if the 1930s (despite the countries closest to communism being fascistic at the time), that’s because they’re exactly the same, and Antifa are merely anarchistic fascists in disguise seeking to blot out the freedom of expression of conservatives and pro capitalist pundits alike, anyone they deem to be “fascist.”

Perhaps the most notable example of their anti-free speech motives can be seen in the UC Berkeley riots due to conservative Journalist Milo Yiannopolous coming to hold a speech with pro-conservative views. Armed with stones, clubs and molotov cocktails, as much as $100’000 in property damage had been inflicted before Yiannopolous had to be evacuated over massive security concerns, with little police interference to stop the rioting anarchists.

Also, while not Antifa, a group coined as “StandUpToRacism” recently forced a Young Independence Conference to be cancelled due to violent threats to young members, claiming to be fighting far-right expression… though UKIP has never been far-right, but these radicals can dream, I suppose.

Verdict: Legitimate Concern


Black Lives Matter

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A group dedicated to the defense of marginalized African-Americans most commonly in the United States, the cause itself is noble, with idols like Martin Luther King Jr. being icons for what the group stands for. Again, on paper, their ideology is sound, and a good deal of BLM activists are genuinely in defense of Blacks, but only that. Then you get those that adopt the Malcolm X approach. Those that wish to punish white people – innocent or not – by guilt of association purely for being white, in the misguided belief that all whites somehow deserve to be punished for the actions of long-dead ancestors.

BLM Leader Chanelle Helm made 10 demands to White People in regards to appeasing African Americans, some of which are as follows;

  • 1. White people, if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty.

Ah yes, because the millions of whites also suffering generational poverty suddenly don’t exist. Darn, how could I have forgotten, woe is me!

  • 2. White people, if you’re inheriting property you intend to sell upon acceptance, give it to a black or brown family. You’re bound to make that money in some other white privileged way.

See above, except with the common knowledge that there is literally no white privileged way to get money in today’s world.

  • 4. White people, if you can afford to downsize, give up the home you own to a black or brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty.

Ah yes, because these ‘disadvantaged’ African-Americans definitely deserve my hard-earned home and assets purely for being of a darker skin-tone than I am.

Needless to say… it ain’t pretty. When a leader is making such claims, as well as having many followers with no qualms whatsoever, the acceptance of racism vs whites is suddenly given a platform under the guise of protecting African Americans who are – in actuality – not marginalized or disadvantaged in any way. In fact US wise, the poorest counties are mostly of white make-up, despite what misguided pundits like Bernie Sanders might have one believe.

Another grueling example comes from an LGBT Pride March in Toronto that was soon hijacked by BLM activists only caring for their own message.

Now one might think “What fear is justified if it’s just a few noisy activists?” Outside of the leftist media justifying their hateful message by painting them as a respectable organization, many racist politicians are not shy of advocating for a “White Tax.” I know, not racist or entitled at all, is it? (Hint: It is.) When even high ranking officials are legitimizing this violence and racism to whites, the fear of the Malcolm X Mindset is far from unjustified.

Verdict: Legitimate Concern

Radical Feminism

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Perhaps the most argued as to whether its existence is even palatable, Radical Feminists are what you’d expect – man-haters, those who wish to punish men en masse for centuries-long patriarchy which – and you may notice a pattern – no longer exists (at least as far as civilized Western countries are concerned.) 100 years ago, a Feminist had a purpose – to fight for women’s rights to vote, work, and the like. When it was actually necessary. Today, the average Feminist is still respectable, they wish to fight for the upholding of equal rights for both men and women and prevent corrupt governments from being able to regress back to patriarchal tactics. These average feminists often decry their radical counterparts, as they only exist to hate men simply because they are men. You’d think this would be called sexist, but again, because of their victim-playing narrative by exaggerating myths of wage gaps and lack of women’s rights, they are given platforms to preach their hate – a notable example being Julie Bindel, an infamous but influential radical feminist Journalist in the UK with over 100 articles across many outlets, mainly the Guardian, with her most infamous being quite blatantly titled: Why I Hate Men. I’m sure I don’t have to exaggerate how much more seriously this would be taken if it was “Why I Hate Women.”

Bindel wants to see men in concentration camps, as well as believing that all men are rapists and should be imprisoned and shot. About as sexist and violent as you can get, right? Well, she’s given platforms to preach it, so quite clearly her hateful hitler-esque rhetoric is just ignored because hey, men are the target, and they DESERVE it!

A real feminist, such as Emma Watson, would describe their concern as follows: “Feminism has often become synonymous with man-hating.”

Verdict: Legitimate Concern

Conclusion: Legitimate Concerns!

Are there those among the right that will label every feminist, anti-fascist and BLM activist as a radical when they are not? Of course, that kind of paranoia is not exclusive to the radicals of the left who will label anyone on the right as a nazi, any white person a supremacist, or any man misogynist. It’s a sad case of uneducated left and right being the noisiest of the bunch and spoiling the sensible debate for the like-minded of the left and right who merely want civil discussion without dogma and dissonance. Believe what you will about these groups, but to call them right-wing strawmen to create a victimhood mindset for conservatives is simply untrue – often claimed as a result of 70 years of right-wing paranoia throughout the cold-war. Despite upholding capitalism versus a socialist leaning enemy, America has gone through shifts of left and right – Democrats and Republicans alike. The Horseshoe Theory of far-left and far-right being just as bad as one another is as real and as true as it has ever been, despite how some leftists will claim that a far-leftist will only want good, and a far-rightist will only want bad. Both are uneducated radicals, and noisy about it, and both wings have positives, and negatives. Lean whichever way you will, but do not demonize one or the other for a legitimate fear of the radicals of the other side, who genuinely wish to purge the free speech of their enemies.

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