BY-ELECTION REPORT: Eye, Thorney and Newborough

The resignation of Peterborough City Councillor, Councillor David Sanders (Conservative) has led to a vacancy and a  by-election in the villages of Eye, Thorney and Newborough, this coming Thursday (7th September).

I am standing as the UKIP Candidate for this ward and have previously been the UKIP Candidate for Peterborough at two General Elections, once in 2005 and then in 2015 where I came third.

This by-election should be quite interesting as I have come close to being selected on two different occasions and it could give an indication as to how the UKIP brand is today perceived in the heart of East Anglia.  I lost by just 10 votes in 2014 to the Conservatives and in 2016 lost by 57 votes (the village of Newborough was added to the ward in 2016) once again to the Conservatives.

I have  lived in  Thorney for 20 years and I care passionately about these three villages as I feel they are the forgotten parts of Peterborough.  Road maintenance, facilities, bus services and repairs to historic buildings are all neglected, while Peterborough gets all the attention.  Peterborough City Council needs to remember that the countryside and its villages are the breadbasket of England, they’re the beating heart of Britain and Councils neglect them at their peril.

It’s acknowledged and accepted that a large amount of Peterborough City Council’s money should be ploughed into the City, but the villages must never be forgotten.  They’re the life blood of Britain, they need to be cherished, enjoyed, loved and understood.  The country and its villages are Britain’s heritage and they need to be protected.

For example; The Bedford Hall (see picture)in Thorney owned by Peterborough City Council, has structural and internal damage and urgently needs to be maintained but the Council has neglected to do so.  What a loss to the community and the country if such a beautiful building were to be lost!

These villages also need new sports pavilions and facilities,  football pitches need to be maintained to a good standard so that they’re not an embarrassment when visiting teams come to play.

The villages of Eye, Thorney and Newborough are being swallowed up by new houses eating into the Fenland landscape leaving residents with overcrowded schools and insufficient infrastructure.  Acres and acres of green fields are disappearing and in their wake traditional country-dwellers are being swept away.

Villages in the Fens must not be forgotten!  People who live in Eye, Thorney and Newborough pay their taxes as well as the rest of Peterborough and it’s scandalous that money is continually poured into City projects while our villages are left to fend for themselves.

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