EYES LEFT: Labour in a spin 

Ever since the General Election the media circus has firmly been camped outside Number 10 covering the circus that masquerades as a government. Gone are the days when Corbyn is presented as the unfortunate ringmaster waiting for the lions to be loosed. It’s true that electorally speaking Labour continues to perform well – however, that does not mean all is well for Comrade Corbyn.

First-up, Lord Adonis has, rightly in my eyes, predicted that Labour will end up backing a second Brexit referendum. Although Corbyn may not consciously want that right now, in backing down over Brexit and surrendering lamely to his constantly Remoaning Parliamentary Party he has opened himself up to being eventually backed into that corner. However, this will cause a massive conflict potentially with his own power base. So, we now have two main parties who are totally at sea over Brexit and how to deliver the democratically expressed wishes of the 17 milllion who voted to Leave – Westminster is becoming even more disconnnected from the country.

Meanwhile, in Manchester, Cllr Amina Lone has become the target of a smear campaign by Labour high-ups. Kipper Central readers may remember Ms Lone was deselected for her gender equality work amoung the Muslim community. Not so, say local Party apparatchiks, who claim she was deselected for poor ‘meeting attendance’ and poor ‘campaigning’. Sir Richard Leese, local council leader, appears to be playing the villain of the piece, at first writing a letter supporting Cllr Lone now, presumably under pressure from the Party machine, he has written a joint letter with the Cheif Whip soundly condemning and attacking Lone. It rather does beg the question what changed between the two public proclamations other than an arm-twisting phone call?

That is all for now but if anything is happening in your locality that you want reporting on please do get in touch!

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