Nigel Farage Defends His Record In Heated Clash With Remoaner

Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage (pictured above) was involved in his most heated exchange yet on his LBC show last night, as he was forced to defend his record during the campaign to leave the EU. Crucially, Mr. Farage never promoted any of the claims made by the official Vote Leave campaign about a saving of £350 million a week that could be spent on the NHS, and had always distanced himself from the slogan on the side of the Vote Leave bus.

The former Ukip leader scolded radio caller Will from Evesham, who called into his LBC show and claimed the Brexiteer had said the UK would hold onto £350million a week following the EU divorce.

But the MEP denied the claim and told the caller to “check your facts” before blasting Brussels’ elite for “threatening” and “bullying” the UK following Brexit talks.

Will said: “I do remember you standing in front of the red bus saying we’re going to get a rebate of £350m-a-week.”

Mr Farage replied: “No you don’t, no you don’t, I never did that, I never did that, I never did that Will!”

“You were forced on television to admit it was completely rubbish,” the caller insisted before the politician fired back.

Mr Farage said: “Will, I have to say, I’m sorry, I’ve got to stop you because you’ve got your facts completely wrong and clearly you’re very anxious to make your point – well if you make them they need to be factual Will.

“I never stood in front of any bus saying ‘£350m a week’, I always thought it was a very silly claim, not one that I would ever have associated myself with and furthermore there isn’t a divorce bill of £50billion to £100bn.

“It doesn’t exist, it is a figment of Monsieur Barnier’s imagination, we are not duty bound morally, legally or in any other way to pay it.”

The caller said the Brexit campaigner was talking “utter rubbish” before suggesting he was “deluded”.

The host responded in an animated fashion and mocked the suggestion. He replied: “Oh I’m deluded too, we’re all deluded?”

Mr Farage then referred to Martin Selmyar, the President of the Commission’s chief of staff, branding Brexit “stupid” along with other senior EU figures railing against the EU referendum result.

Will brought up the Brexit bus issue once more before Mr Farage ended the call, blasting: “Oh dear Will, I’m sorry, I never ever do this Will but I’m afraid if you’re not prepared to listen or admit you’ve got it wrong then we are actually wasting our time… check your facts first!”

During the run-up to the Brexit referendum, Boris Johnson championed the bus in a rival Leave campaign to Mr Farage’s.

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