NEWS ROUND-UP: Woolfe on the leadership, new endorsements for Whittle & Bolton and YI update 

A couple of pieces of news that you may have missed from the UKIP universe today:

Stephen Woolfe MEP, responding to a question regarding who he would back for UKIP leader, strongly indicated support for but stopped short of explicitly endorsing John-Rees Evans. Speaking on Facebook Live,  Mr Woolfe spoke of how he “liked” the ideas of Direct Democracy and said he would support the candidate which offered “hope” and “aspirations of change for the future”. Mr Woolfe also indicated in the comments on the video that he was “on his way back” into frontline politics.

Team Whittle has picked-up the endorsement of Jonathan Bullock MEP. Mr Bullock is UKIP’s newest MEP having succeeded Roger Helmer who retired on 31st July to represent the East Midlands Region. Bullock said Mr Whittle was an “experienced media operator” and this was just what UKIP needed in a leader.

Some readers may remember our six councillors in Havering who said they would not run for re-election if Mr Whittle wins the leadership. Well, today they have declared their support for Henry Bolton OBE. Lawrence Webb, the leader of the UKIP Group on Havering Council, announced the decision on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Jane Collins MEP, has waded into the furore surrounding the cancellation of the Young Independence conference. Writing to UKIP Daily, she blamed the cancellation on “schoolboy errors” which are “typical of UKIP” and attacked the “terrorists” who threatened the event.

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