Farage Under Fire 

Unsurprisingly, Nigel Farage has come under heavy fire for attending a ‘Alternative for Germany’ (AfD) rally. Grasping at many straws; The Guardian breathlessly pointed to the fact that the ‘granddaughter of Hitler’s finance minister’ was hosting the event as if it half-expects the Furher himself to make an appearance.

Beatrix Von Scrotch MEP, the aforementioned granddaughter, is no stranger to controversy having suggested that firearms should be used against migrants, including women and children, who were trying to enter Germany illegally.

Politico website, which tellingly is listed with a .eu domain, decided that a little bit of embellishment was needed with a fake news headline claiming Mr Farage was ‘campaigning’ for the AfD. Meanwhile, speaking on the BBCs Daily Politics show Mr Farage said he “had no formal affiliation” with the AfD. Quite how speaking at a rally constitutes ‘campaigning’ for the AfD is not explained.

Once again what we have here is the political left trying to curtail free speech and impose its own standards on others by means of moral fiat. If you express views that divert from what it deems morally acceptable then you are to be excluded and demonised. Something that Jacob Rees Mogg has also been a notable victim of this week.
Meanwhile, Farage has hit back at Jean Claude Juncker for questioning the suitability of David Davis for his role in Brexit negotiations calling it a case of “pot, kettle” recalling a summit 2 years ago where Mr Juncker “slapped” and “patted on the head” several European leaders.

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