NEWS ROUND-UP: Not so ‘Super Thursday’ & Ballots Drop 

Among keen local election watchers, last night was dubbed ‘Super Thursday’ due to the number of contests. However, it was not a ‘Super Thursday’ for either UKIP or the Conservatives. UKIP’s decline at the local level continues apace and the Conservatives got hammered. Labour seems to be acquiring something of a Teflon quality, their betrayal on Brexit has barely made a dent in their electoral performance and poll ratings. Maybe dissatisfaction with the government is starting to eclipse any reservations voters have about the Labour.

UKIP’s woes were compounded by another defection to the Conservatives, this time in Grimsby. It is a simple fact that UKIP will win no MPs without a base of local councillors. So, the attempt by John Rees-Evans to open a debate among the leadership contenders regarding our strategy for next years local elections is at the very least timely.

Meanwhile, Team Collins, aka UKIP United, have received the endorsement of Dan Channing, Deputy Chair of LGBT in UKIP, who praised her “hard work” and belief in a “United UKIP” which is “welcoming”.

Finally, this weekend should see ballot papers arrive. If Facebook is anything to go by this is a much-anticipated event. One can only hope this keenness to participate is matched by offline Kippers. If it is I will hopefully be proved delightfully wrong in my prediction of a low turnout.

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