LEADERSHIP LATEST: Bown Ditches Collins And Backs Whittle

UPDATE: Team Collins has released an email in which Bown states that Collins is a “very worthy” candidate to be leader. Meanwhile, Peter Whittle has claimed Ms Collins “misspoke” when she claimed that Bown endorsed her at a recent London hustings.

In a shock announcement, Peter Whittle has today announced he has been endorsed by Alan Bown, one of UKIP’s major financial backers. The shock stems from the fact that Bown has previously been widely touted, including by Jane Collins herself, as standing foursquare behind the MEP for Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire.

Mr Bown was given by Ms Collins as an example of how she could build a strong rapport with key UKIP donors at the beginning of several hustings and indeed served as her political referee. However, this is perhaps a cautionary tale in how being a referee is not an explicit endorsement as Mr Bown has now publicly backed Mr Whittle saying:

I know Peter Whittle has the courage, experience and leadership skills to make our Party a real challenger again. 

Quite what has occurred here isn’t clear. Has Bown had a genuine change of heart or did he simply never back Collins in the first place in the way she stated he did? This could be a story with legs so as ever watch this space!!

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7 Responses

  1. Have you ever considered the possibility that Alan might think more than one candidate suitable leadership material?

  2. Ian Gorman says:

    This is similar to those claiming that Nigel Farage backs Henry Bolton, when he is also very close to and has been encouraging at least one other candidate.

  3. Indeed! Why should people have to pick only one candidate?

  4. Geoff Wimble says:

    Very interesting in the round, concerned that Peter Whittle chose to condemn members whom followed a back any party whose member has a strong brexiteer belief and following, Peter himself failed totally to condemn of move against this when Deputy Leader, the hypocrisy is most disappointing from a prospective leader candidate.

  5. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Yet more insignificant headlines. It doesn’t matter who Alan Bown, Nigel Farage or uncle tom cobbly have as their favourite because like the rest of us they only have one vote. Just because the bookies have Peter Whittle as the favourite does not mean that Ann Marie Waters is out of the race as her odds are very short also. Unfortunately Ben Walker shot himself in the foot by falling in behind some group that could have been announced afterwards if any of them had been successful. As it is there are only four real candidates to choose from with John Rees Evans and David Kurten being the other two.
    My dilemma is which one do I support for at this time I’m still undecided.

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      Yes, Geoffrey, one vote each, so the fuss about who backs whom is irrelevant. Alan Bown has been a great benefactor for UKIP and I think Peter Whittle has learned from the mistakes Nuttall made. But I’m still voting for Anne Marie Waters, as a truth-teller and great patriot.

  1. 8:22 pm, September 13, 2017

    […] says ago, Team Whittle rolled-out Bown as an endorser of their campaign. This, understandably, caused some confusion as we all […]

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