Activate Deactivated! 

You may well have heard of the putative Conservative attempt to ape Momentum, Activate. It has had a eventful but short and unhappy life. Let’s be honest. It was never born to greatness – when the Conservatives try to be trendy it is always cringeworthy. 

It really never recovered for its Twitter disasters – changing handles only to allow the old, unwieldy, @Activate_uk_net to become a spoof account. The relentless mockery continued with spoof names donating to its substantial £8.49 war chest – Harold Shipman chipped in 49p. It’s new Twitter handle suffered a successful hack attack and it became a vechile for ‘Moggmentum’, publishing memes attacking Theresa May. 

Worse was to follow, a story appeared regarding young Conservatives using a What’sApp group to joke about ‘gassing chavs’. Still as an aside, we at Kipper Central would steadfastly advise any Kipper Students to avoid Labour roommates this semester following this story in the Daily Mail where a Labour student was ‘jokingly’ encouraged to ‘gas, poison or burn’ his Conservative roommates. If you must room with a red then always sleep with one and a half eyes open. 

Following an exodus of targeted Activate high-ups, as you can see from the picture above, it has now been mothballed. How long for, heaven-knows, probably, hopefully, forever. Personally, I find it cringeworthy when youth organisations try to be anything other than what they are and are not true to their politics. The success of Momentum, like or loath this fact, is founded on the appeal of its politics pure and simple. It appears to be well run and professionally drilled, something Activate obviously never was, and that is why it is a political tour de force that even its opposition want to ape.

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