Bolton Goes Over The Top

UPDATE: Team Bolton have contacted me and assured me that Henry never used the word ‘Nazi’ in the interview. I am leaving this article published but wished to make it clear that this information is now known to me.

I am sure many readers will have, by this point, seen Henry Bolton’s comments as reported on the Guido Fawkes website.  Without further ado, let’s start from the top:

Under the wrong leadership, we could see a swing away from our traditional, secular values and stances; towards something far darker… we could easily slip towards the ideals of National Socialism.

Our values are not secular. They are Britain’s national values and a certain Mr Nigel Farage consistently described those values as Judeo-Christian, not secular. If Mr Bolton is proposing we abandon that stance for a defence of the formless hot mess that is secularism then let him be honest and tell us as much. So, having started from the wrong place he sends us somewhere totally unexpected and doesn’t tell us really how we could get there other than electing the wrong leader (presumably Anne Marie Waters).

The last thing UKIP needs is to become the UK Nazi Party… In my opinion, using broad brushstrokes of ignorance to target and denounce one group within the UK population is absolutely wrong.

Mr Bolton is starting to channel The Guardian now. Islam is not a group of people. It is a body of religious ideas set forth in a book called The Quran. The beliefs in that book are associated with Muslim’s as a body of people, incidentally, they are statistically the largest body of people that suffer greatly under Islamic tyranny. Young girls in the UK suffer the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation. Anyone who lives in a Middle Eastern country like Saudi Arabia lives under an autocratic despotism draped in the finest Islamic green. The list goes on. Islam cannibalises its own people to a truly horrifying degree, further proof of the inherent evil of it I would contend. Maybe you would disagree. However, you can scarcely argue that the critique of Islam is based on paranoid fantasies like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. 

It is based on demonstrably provable, empirical fact. Furthermore, rather than denounce Muslims, I would argue there is a salient critique of Islam that rightly seeks to defend them, to end their barbaric repression and identifies them as victims.  This scarcely sounds like how the Nazi’s portrayed the Jews to me. This part of Mr Bolton’s comments are especially worrying because they start to sound like the thought-policing crypto-fascism we have come to know and rightly despise from the left.

In fact, it’s very reminiscent of the policies invoked under both fascist and communist regimes during the 20th century… Frankly, seeking to blame one section of our community for society’s ills is not patriotism; it’s a form of totalitarianism that goes against everything UKIP as a political force has ever achieved.

Errr no it isn’t as indicated above. The most mainstream critique of Islam, which is based on a rational observation and reaction to the demonstrable threat Islamic terrorism poses, is nothing like the Nazi critique of the Jewish people which also insisted they, as a people, were inferior. To her credit, I have never once seen Anne Marie Waters suggest Muslim people are inferior as people. If she has, then maybe Mr Bolton should say so.

UKIP was set up to fight the ‘totalitarian’ effects of EU influence on British society. Therefore, I will not sit back and watch the party be hijacked by those who seek to now seize on our success to drive forward their own agenda.”

Agreed to the first sentence. However, the second sentence is another example of the hysterical way Mr Bolton has tried to deal with the candidacy of Anne Marie Waters. The more you attack her in this way, the stronger she becomes. It shows a certain lack of political aptitude on the part of Mr Bolton and his team that they have dealt with this situation in this way. Personally, I do have to say, I think this will backfire considerably as Mr Boltons earlier attempt to block Anne Marie did and could cost him considerable support.

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9 Responses

  1. B K Williams says:

    It seems Mr Bolton is as out of touch with the electorate as the main stream parties. And i will tell him this, we have had enough of being called names by various groups and parties without him joining in. If you haven’t got anything more constructive to add, i truly hope you don’t get the leadership vote.

    • You do not know him do you nor really listen to him did you. He has the best leadership values and will bring the stupid inhouse bickering to and end. I do know he frightens the far left and right in the party as he will have none of it. The names were call because of the far right and left infiltrators possibly like you would I be right if I not I am very sorry for my assumption.

  2. Bolton is spot a group of people is as it said it means a group of people it does not matter if its a race, religion, indoctrination and the last thing we want is hate. Politics by the way should not be mixed with religion and the last thing we want is a religious war or create one in Britain. You have made this rant because you know that Henry will put the party in a center right position. That is how it started out and thats the way that most sensible people want it to stay. I find your far right or far left attack on Henry Bolton totally nasty and unfounded as you well know it is.

  3. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Darrell Goodliffe seems to answer Henry Bolton’s quotes in great detail and in a well reasoned way. Bolton has been too quick to attack other candidates whilst failing to do and say what his strategy is on the moist important issues. He clings to past glories whilst forgetting we all are only as good as we were last week and are likely to be next.
    His tactics are used by those who can’t argue from a position of strength and conviction. We may be voting for the future of UKIP but that does not mean we must have an internal punch-up before we have elected the new broom.
    Unfortunately Henry Bolton has shot his bolt on this and previous occasions so his hopes of becoming the next leader are already a pipedream.
    His previous clumsy attempt to stop AMW failed and even his outstanding threat to challenge the result if she wins is another sign of weakness.
    Let the people decide who they want as their next leader as that is the only way.

  4. Ian Gorman says:

    Yet another clumsy, damaging reaction from the politically inept Henry Bolton. The man clearly has no idea what leadership entails and will not be able to unite the party. How anyone can support his leadership bid now is beyond all reason. He should stand down immediately.

  5. Dee says:

    A very good piece. Why is it that those who oppose Anne Marie Waters don’t criticize her manifesto – they all seem to simply use the buzz words of the far left?

    Before this election I had no idea that there were so many intolerant people in UKIP! I thought we were a Democratic Party and had assumed at the start of this election – after the NEC were wise enough to let AMW stand, it would simply be a case of letting the members decide which policies they thought would appeal both to them and to the electorate we hope to attract, and who they felt would increase membership by having the right qualities to do so.

    Instead any of us who say we support Anne are hysterically attacked as ‘infiltrators’ ‘Nazis’ EDL or BNP supporters. What happened to reasoned argument? And I thought we were fighting against the ‘right-think police’ – not on their side!

    Anne Marie is the only one who has come out of this with dignity imo – but UKIP may have been fatally damaged – not by her, but by those virtue-signaling idiots who have used MSM to try and further their own agendas. The only plus is that in the unlikely event that AMW wins (she gets my vote) they may leave the Party – because I never thought I would say this, but I don’t think I could continue to support a Party if it was led by someone with none of the principles I believe are so important.

  6. Rob says:

    Over the past 40 years, British Foreign Policy has been a disaster for this nation and western civilisation in general. Our involvement in Kosovo helped facilitate the creation of Europe’s second islamic state, which is a hub for the heroin and white slave traffic into Western Europe.
    Afghanistan has cost the British taxpayer some £35 billion so far, along with the lives of some 450 servicemen and women. Over 5000 have been horribly maimed, many have had their lives totally destroyed-and for what ?…A huge increase in opium/heroin production which had virtually ceased in 2001 under the Taliban and a’refugee’ invasion of Europe.
    Cameron’s Libyan adventure turned out well….a cost of some $3 billion to the British taxpayer in providing the muslim terrorist insurgents with an air force, destroying a regime which controlled and protected Europe’s Southern border from the Sub-Saharan african invaders. Gaddafi also provided his people with the highest living standards in Africa- he was a man Europe could work with. What we now have is a dysfunctional state where Isis and other islamic terrorist organisations have established themselves.
    Henry Bolton is so proud of his involvement in these three countries amongst others, and he is constantly reminding us of his leadership skills contained in his cv….but if I was Henry, I would keep a low profile on this subject- a future prosecution of Blair and his fellow Westminster criminals-all those voted for military involvement in Afghanistan and Libya. And as in Germany post 1945 it was not just the ‘big fish’ who eventually ended up ‘in the dock.’
    The prosecution of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair should be a permanent part of any future
    UKIP Manifesto, after all, UKIP is supposed to be the party that addresses the issues the other parties won’t touch. The prosecution of Blair would be a sure vote winner -and just imagine the headlines!







  7. Chunkie says:

    Why are we talking about Henry Bolton and Anne Marie Waters? They both went off to start their own political parties in opposition to UKIP, so surely that is against party rules and therefore should no longer be members of UKIP and barred from returning to ukip?

  1. 8:27 pm, September 13, 2017

    […] cautionary tale for Team Bolton who were earlier this week stung by the ‘UK Nazi Party’ story. Having said that, anyone who infers anything practical for today from 12 years ago is wide of the […]

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