Skinner The Scab

Dennis Skinner MP, the legendary Beast of Bolsover,  fits all the criteria for being an original working class hero on the Labour benches. During the Miners Strike, he strongly supported the striking miners, the National Union of Mineworkers and Arthur Scargill, he is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs and widely regarded as red in tooth and claw. Surely, he would be a paragon of saintly virtue for the likes of Momentum? Well, he was, until last night, when he rebelled against Comrade Corbyn’s diktat that all must now drive Labour towards a ‘Soft Brexit’ stance by voting with the Conservative Government for the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Furious Corbynistas have branded Skinner a class traitor and a ‘scab’. No matter what you think of Skinner and his politics, he has shown an unwavering commitment to his cause and the reaction of the Momentum nihilists speaks volumes about their politics. They romanticise the working class and working-class lives and have no respect for it as a cultural entity with its traditions. If it refuses to ‘play ball’ with the expectations that Momentum has of how it should behave then is to be beaten down and shamed – treated like the slave class that Corbynists truly see it as being.

We saw something similar happen in the wake of our historic referendum to Leave the EU. Working class communities were branded ‘racist’ and ‘backwards’ en masse by these self-anointed ‘saviours’ of the working class.  In reality, we all know that the likes of Momentum have no real intention of improving the position of the impoverished. After all, if they did, who could they possibly sell their papers too? It’s a tragedy for people that do suffer and struggle that this is the quality of their representation, self-interested, self-involved, selfie loving, Islington swank-pad dwellers, crypto-fascists who lost empathy for the subject of their crusades a long time ago. They deserve better. Maybe once we have a new leader, UKIP could work its way around to getting on that?



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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I have never been a follower of Dennis Skinner, and now quite frankly I recon he is way past his sell by date. HOWEVER, you can’t fault this guy for being true to his beliefs. The Labour Party might duck and dive, and generally become something of a sick joke, but old Dennis will have none of it. Good for him !

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