UKIP is lost on the political map, but I firmly believe that Peter Whittle can steer it to success

We all knew that Nigel would be a tough act to follow, but few realised quite how tough. We have been through two leaders now. Diane James, who after only 18 days realised she wasn’t up to the job. And Paul Nuttall who courageously took the helm of the party to keep it afloat, and because of that I have the utmost respect for him.

But this leadership election is different. We have a candidate who would not only be honoured, but genuinely excited about the prospect of leading this great party to electoral success. When so many from the main stream media are drilling it into the public that we are a one-policy party, just Brexit Brexit Brexit. Here we have an opportunity to transform UKIP into nothing short of the party of national revival. It falls to us, because none of the other parties will do it, to save our democracy, to protect our country from the threat of Islamic terrorism, and to re-engage with our British identity. We have been slowly told over the past 50 years, that we shouldn’t be proud of this country, that we shouldn’t be proud of this flag and that we shouldn’t be proud of our history. Change is coming, you just need to vote for it.

Its about education. Why do we not teach English history in our schools, why do we not teach our kids why they should be proud of this country and what it has achieved. Why do we not do this? Under Peter’s leadership UKIP will be lobbying for increased teaching of British history and British culture in our schools. Its about time that children know that when our brave armed soldiers go to war, they know what they are defending and they know why they are defending it.

However, it is not just about what we could be. Its how do we get there? How do we get our message across when we have such a biased broadcast media in this country? We do this by simply bypassing them. We do our own shows, we do our own podcasts, we do our own videos. When so many people get their news from social media these days we can engage with this audience to get our message successfully across. Apart from that we need to start utilising alternative media platforms like Kipper Central, Westmonster and The English Channel.

This is what a UKIP under Peter Whittle would look like. A UKIP that puts Britain first, a UKIP that stands up for free speech, a UKIP that stands up for our armed forces. That is a UKIP I want to be a part of and that is the UKIP that Peter Whittle offers. Therefore I urge all UKIP members, who like me want everything above, to vote for Peter to be the next Leader of UKIP.


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3 Responses

  1. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Let’s forget about UKIP being a political party for a few moments and understand it is a limited company, limited by guarantee, and must remain solvent if it is to survive. Those who run the company are appointed personnel such as the chairman, treasurer and some members of the NEC.
    That leaves the Leader. Now he or she may be a shareholder of the limited company but they have little or no control over the daily running of the business.
    So the main and only role for the Leader is chief salesperson. That is an important and responsible job as the future success of the company depends on good sales figures. The Leader needs a lot of wow factor which brings me onto Peter Whittle and why he is not the man for the job.
    When Peter was appointed deputy leader he was not really seen in a supporting role and indeed was critical of the leader Paul Nuttal. Perhaps that was understandable seeing how many of us were very unhappy with him also especially and finally with the Stoke by-election debacle.
    Even during the leadership hustings Peter has been seen to interrupt other candidates on too many occasions and seemed to like disagreeing with anyone who presented a different view.
    Those are indications of someone who is not prepared to listen especially when this leadership election is not a contest with opponents from another party but their own colleagues who are on the same side.
    Every party needs wow factor. We had it in shed loads with Nigel Farage and the media would hang on his every word. As we look at the choices this time we don’t have that option and are in danger of becoming yet another party with a new leader that only talks in boring ways of re-organising the party, scrapping this or that, promising to change the world and not having much Idea how to do it.
    UKIP unlike the other parties does not have donors in quantity to help it stay afloat. The few we had are now even fewer and some of the better ones have been thrown out with the bath water.
    It UKIP fails to establish itself again as a party of rebellion which represents the hopes, fears and wishes of the largest part of our society then it will fade away. Unfortunately on past performance Peter Whittle can never fulfil that role even if he is the bookies favourite with the backing of the establishment.
    That establishment wishes to preserve the status quo of our party and continue as if nothing has happened over the last twelve months.
    If that is not the case then why is all this talk about re-organisation, re-branding and a logo change even being discussed let alone implemented before the new leader is in place ?
    If the limited company of UKIP is to survive it must have something to sell the voters and I’m struggling to find the answer with Peter Whittle.

  2. Rob says:

    Fine words, Nick: but for a future image of UKIP if Peter Whittle was ‘in the driving seat’, you must Google – PETER AND THE PINATA- NEWS THING- YOUTUBE … the first item on the page. If Peter can create such television ‘gems’ like this as Deputy Leader, just imagine what he could achieve as Party Leader .I trust Peter donated his performance fee to his local UKIP branch.

    peter donated

  1. 10:29 pm, October 8, 2017

    […] However, I am saddened that Peter Whittle decided not to write for us. He was contacted a number of times, online and in person. However, Nick Harris, a member of his campaign team, did write for us instead (UKIP is lost on the political map, but I firmly believe that Peter Whittle can steer it to success). […]

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