OPINION: The Drumbeat For A Second Referendum

Do you ever think you hear a sound, pause, concentrate and then confirm you definitely have heard it and are not having some kind of auditory hallucination? I bet you have. Well, it was this experience that the upcoming LBC ‘Great Brexit Debate’ reminded me of; it firstly, begs the question of why? Seriously, has someone bundled us all into Dr Who’s Tardis and taken us back in time and not told us? We had the ‘Great Brexit Debate’ for what, about a year? Guess what, the results are already in; you [Remain] lost, we [Leave] won.

However, I think there is an ulterior motive here. If we are still having the debate it softens malleable minds into thinking that this is still an open question, that we still need to be having this debate and therefore there is still a possibility that this result can be reversed. It is subtle and all the more effective for its subtly. After all, if the globalist elites just marched in and said ‘sorry chaps, wrong decision, what you were actually meant to do is remain but don’t worry we will fix that for you’; then there is a strong and hopeful chance of widespread resistance. If this reversal is preceded by a drip-drip, a softening of the mood, however, that is, of course, an entirely different story.

This is what we are seeing happening. Slowly but surely, the legitimacy of the Brexit vote is being chipped away at by stealth. Labour’s abject capitulation has opened the door for this to be given a mainstream political voice. Incidentally, I do wonder what really happened there, gradual changes of political position happen almost naturally. People live, they experience and peoples politics can change. It is not uncommon, for example, for people to become more conservative with age. This is because of their experience life changing, they settle down, have families, their priorities change; that is understandable and comprehensible. However,  a sudden, dramatic volte face like the one Jeremy Corbyn has just made must have a hidden cause. Maybe it was a threat or just the promise of an easier life, maybe it was an appeal to Corbyns muddled idealism, the truth is we will never know but something happened. 

Furthermore, we have to remember Brexit is the establishment in many ways. We are to blame for this as much as anyone else for anointing the Conservatives as the torchbearers of Brexit at the last election.  In the persona of Theresa May, who has rechristened herself somewhat improbably as a Boudica of the modern age, and this increasingly unpopular government, Brexit is now being presented as the establishment credo. Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn and his ragtag army of crypto-fascists are being presented as the ‘brave resistance’. We are nowhere to be seen because we are currently busy trying to relearn the basics, like tying our own collective shoe laces, lest we fall on our backside. So, the monopoly of the resistance belongs to ‘Peoples Momentum’ [sic].

This is the reason I predict this drumbeat will only get louder. Give it two years, until we are about due to leave, and some Roman pretext will magically appear to justify the need for a second referendum on the terms of the deal. If Labour are still performing strongly and I expect they will be, then even the most ardent Conservative heart will start to wobble as they pour over majorities that were massively slashed last time out. We may even be told that if we vote no to the deal we will merely renegotiate, that it won’t jeopardise Brexit if the political weather is still against the Remoaning elite. However, if they are feeling bold, Mr Juncker, or whomever, will once again swing open his arms in a welcoming embrace, while concealing a dagger up his sleeve. The Party needs to be ready for this, ready to go back onto a war footing and recognise that this war is far from done yet.

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