BY-ELECTION WATCH: Another Poor Night For UKIP As They Fail To Defend Seat

There were three principal authority by-elections in the UK last night (Thursday), and once again it was not a good for UKIP. The party failed to even field a candidate in the seat that it was defending in Westexe Ward in Mid Devon. This let in the Tories for an easy gain:

Anthony Bush (CON) 279 (36.4%) +11.2

Gerald Luxton (IND) 179 (23.4%) +7.6

Alison Mitchell (LAB) 164 (21.4%) +11.5

David Whiteway (LD) 144 (18.8%) +18.8

Conservative GAIN From UKIP

In Bucklow-St. Martins Ward on Trafford Council we did at least field a candidate. It was a comfortable hold for Labour:-

Aidan Williams (LAB) 1050 (64.7%) +1.8

Sarah Marland (CON)  456 (28.1%) +0.2

Andy Beaumont (UKIP)  65  (4.0%) +4.0

Joseph Ryan     (GRN)      33  (2.0%) -7.2

Simon Lepori  (LD)         18   (1.1%) +1.1

Labour HOLD

Finally, the Tories lost a seat in Lyme Regis & Charmouth Ward on West Dorset Council:

IND 52.3% (+52.3)

CON 33.3% (-14.0)

LAB 14.4% (+14.4)

Independent GAIN From Conservative

Let’s hope for a change in fortunes sooner rather than later.

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