Own Goal For Project Fear

History repeats itself first time as tragedy and second as farce. We all remember ‘Project Fear’ I am sure well, at the launch of the ‘Labour Campaign For The Single Market’ it reached new stupefying heights of irrationality. Labour MPs attending the launch were told that Brexit could ‘make it harder’ for football fans to attend next years football World Cup in Russia.

Both the Russian President, Vladimir Putin and indeed the entire population of Russia were said to be somewhat shocked and confused by the fact that they had suddenly been incorporated into the EU without much prior notice. Not only is Russia not in the EU and therefore there is a negligible effect on travel to it by the Brexit process, which in any case will not be completed next year, but it has already relaxed visa controls in preparation for the tournament. Substantive problems exist with Russia hosting the event in reality but none of them are the result of Brexit.

A host of pressure groups are emerging within Labour pushing the corporatist elite agenda. Quite improbably, the Labour Campaign For Free Movement has substantial trade union backing. This is a an archetypal example of turkeys voting for Christmas. Mass immigration acts as a depressant on wages and increases inequality.  When we talk to working class communities we have to remember that this kind of sell out has been going on for decades and that a certain degree of cynicism when it comes to political parties and the political process, in general, is not only to be expected but is an entirely natural response to past treatment.


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