OPINION: The Elephant In The Room

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Another day, another terrorist attack, another opportunity for the mainstream media to totally fail. Oddly, but not surprisingly, the BBC seemed more concerned about creating a rift between Theresa May and Donald Trump than discussing real issues connected to the Parsons Green attack. Islam is, of course, the real issue connected to the attack as it is so many others and, love her or loathe her, Anne Marie Waters has made it hard to ignore the issue during the leadership election. Whatever the merits and demerits of her candidacy and indeed its validity, this is simply a debate that had to happen, that we have had to have for a substantial amount of time. The infamous Integration Agenda shows that we have been purely reactive to the issue as it arises and our response has been collectively hamfisted.

Hamfistedness can still be seen in how we respond. Inexplicably, Peter Whittle decided what would really help is if we all got off our phones and unplugged our headphones and travelled on The Tube like a gang of hyper-anxious meerkats. Thankfully, his responses got better as the day wore on and he made some worthy resource based points but unhelpfully skirted around mentioning Islam at all and equally unhelpfully said it was wrong people should be “frightened” going about their daily business when he had just said they should totally adjust their behaviour on The Tube and be on high-alert.

If Ms Waters wins I am sure there will be plenty of recriminations. However, her fellow candidates will have to accept the lions share of the responsibility. The kind of evasiveness outlined above is unhelpful and has strengthened Ms Waters immeasurably as have the numerous attempts to silence her organisationally which will to her supporters and a wider grouping who are understandably and completely rationally hostile too or concerned about Islam too looked like an attempt to silence and belittle them too.

Unashamedly I would argue John Rees Evans has approached this issue and Ms Waters the right way. He has been courteous, respectful of her views and above all acknowledged what be blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes to see, SHE HAS A POINT. Whoever wins this election will have to acknowledge that the views of Ms Waters do chime with a substantial number of Kippers and maybe they are a minority but they are a sizeable one at that; they cannot be ignored marginalised or spat upon because that is exactly what the establishment does. You may not go as far as she does and call Islam evil, though personally, I think the evidence this is the case is overwhelming (please note I am talking about ISLAM not MUSLIMS and postpone that lefty freak-out) but you cannot deny there is an issue here that must be discussed by any Party that is serious about contending in politics. Anyone who thinks this is not the case needs to remember people are dying while we twiddle our thumbs and worry about how a already hostile media will see us. Hopefully that fact would inject some much needed perspective into the worldview of the naysayers. Refusing to discuss this is to deeply let down not just the currently voiceless and marginalised in the Party but also the wider country and to behave no better than the rotting, corrupt establishment we so rightly oppose.

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6 Responses


    If UKIP can’t be really Radical,and address the elephant in the room- The unrelenting onslaught of the Islamification of Britain,which our useless so called leaders are so blind that they refuse to see the dangers we face from losing everything we hold dear and everything our Brave and Courageous Ancestors fought and died for.
    Belive me this is the most important decision we will make in our lifetimes.Everything else is totalling meaningless.We in UKIP are fighting for our very
    existence,we have lost so many of our members who are just not renewing their
    membership.We need a new beginning,we need to rid the party of the rotten cabal that stopped the Brave and Courageous Anne Marie Waters standing for us in the General Election in Lewisham,also we need to get rid the other cowards and lackies in the NEC who also voted against Anne Marie.I urge all members and ,all friends,colleagues and other Activists to join me in supporting the only person who can save our party and once again encourage others to join us,Anne Marie Waters.
    If the great Stuart Agnew,whom I hold in the highest regard,and has been a wonderful ambassador for UKIP for many years,can sponsor Anne Marie,that
    convinced me that I was making the right decision.

  2. Jon Smith says:

    Crowther & Oakden?

  3. Jon Smith says:

    “please note I am talking about ISLAM not MUSLIMS” ?

    the religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah.

  4. Barrie Greratorex says:

    I am getting concerned by the ever increasing violent undertones coming from those supporting AMW, the language is that of Tommy Robinson, who has his own campaign concerning Islam but is not a UKIP member. This would seem to me a back door for his influence to get to the many members who may sympathise with is stance, but not his methods. Some, thinking of supporting AMW, should perhaps pause for one moment and consider the child grooming gangs success in avoiding prosecution for so many years. They were consistently spoken of by the then more successful BNP, this had the undesired effect of alienating those who could have taken action, for fear of being labeled with the BNP as facists/racists etc. In other words they made the situation worse by making it more difficult for those in power to intervene. We can bring pressure to bear on the Government to take this issue seriously by using the framework provided in a more positive way, stirring up emotions will only lead to UKIP being alienated from the majority of voters and if we are to achieve Parliamentary access this has to be avoided, at all costs, surely.


      After another terrorist attack in London, how long will it be until British politicians stand up and say “enough is enough” ?
      I wager you will only hear “its not their fault” or “they have been brainwashed”
      If you have not voted yet, look at Ann Marie Waters Facebook page.
      Maybe there is some hope!!
      You should have had your UKIP leadership election voting forms by now, however, some of you are reporting that yours have not arrived yet.
      If that is the case, please write directly to Piers Wauchope care of paul.oakden@ukip.org
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      Sir,you are indeed so seriously deluded about Tommy Robinson,to me you come across as either
      being nieve,or young and inexperienced.You have been brainwashed by all those USEFUL IDIOTS OF
      ISLAM,in the Lib/Lab/Con etc,and those lefties in the MSM,but especially the BRITISH BRAINWASHING CORPORATION,I am sick of all these numpty,loony lefty broadcasters,and commentators continually referring to us in UKIP as far right.I say to them,and especially to you,that
      there is nothing Radical about preserving our very own culture,as well as protecting our very own identities,and British way of life.Click on my first link and see what Douglas Murray has to say in his
      support for Tommy Robinson,whom I know is a great British Patriot,whose life is continually in danger from the Britain Hating Desth Cult Islamists,who hate us with such a vengeance that they
      actually seek and celebrate our death and destruction.The aricle is titled,Two Systems of Justice,
      see my comment,it is 30 down,also see comments from Dee,who is a dear friend and fellow collegue
      and UKIP member and Activist,also see the great comment from Jeff Page,who always writes with
      such truth and passion.
      My last link,which is on You Tube,and you will see the wonderful Brave and Courageous Ann Marie Waters speak about her vision: “For Britain”, I think she is absolutely brilliant.
      I am 73 years old,I have spent 16 years campaigning for my beloved Party UKIP.Since the 4 lies from
      Nutall together with that absurd Muslim Appeasing Pro Halal Leaflet,first seen at Stoke,where
      Nutall,Whittle,O’Flynn and others were all complicit in producing that damn absurd Leaflet,which
      by stupidly courting the Muslim Voters in Stoke,actually achieved nothing,as any dullard could have told them that Muslims just don’t and didn’t vote UKIP,they always vote Labour.That damn Leaflet had lost us over 25% of our members,and over 200 of out Patrons,as well as the loss of support from millions of the General Public.How ridiculous,that we still have a policy,when UKIP is Anti-Sharia Law,and yet Pro
      Bloody cruel and sadistic torture of animal,with that vile verminous Halal policy.This is sheer
      madness,when they are in fact inextricably linked.It is a known fact that Halal accreditation funds Sharia Law,as well as building more damn Mosques,which we all know are nothing more than
      Terrorist Training Camps.As I stated in my previous comment,the Islamification of Britain must be brought to halt,everything else is of little and no consequence.There is only one person who will deal with this,and that is Anne Marie Waters,and that is why I want her to become our new leader.
      Thank you,Geoff.Elliott,UKIP RCT Branch,Pontypridd.

  5. Rob says:

    Commenting on Henry Bolton’s article of self-promotion 14/09, Barrie Greratorex was fixated with’ infiltration.’..today it is about alleged ‘violent undertones coming from AMW’s supporters’-another’ red herring ‘from the Bolton camp .He goes on to raise the issue of ‘child grooming gangs’-but no mention of Pakistanis or muslims in his text.I can see how these muslim predators plied their vile trade with impunity over thirty years or more ,with even a ‘ Kipper’s’ reluctance to even use the’ P’or ‘m’ word.
    He argues that BNP involvement in this ‘child abuse’ frightened of potential ‘whistle blowers’. Take the example of Rotherham ,among this hypothetical group which he alludes to ,would have had to include senior members of South Yorkshire Police, Rotherham Social Services, NHS and of course Dennis Mc Shane MP, who admitted to a Guardian journalist that ‘he was too much of a Guardian reading liberal leftie’, to involve himself in the issue. He also added ‘I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat.’ It was not the fear of being labelled as ‘facist / racist’- Mc Shane’s fear was the electoral advancement of the BNP and at that time c.2005 -a growing threat to Labour in South and West Yorkshire.
    The Jay Report was published in August 2014…and yet since then ,the UKIP website has barely mentioned this issue .Over the past 30 months there have been articles about the treatment of Saudi women and children ,about ‘honour killings,on integration,on the ‘oppression of gay men in Chechenya’ and at least 8 articles on Female Genital Mutilation! and one ..yes- just ONE article covering muslim child sexual molestation.It would appear that the priorities of the present UKIP Establishment do not include the welfare of underage white English children.
    Such is the need for a Anne Marie Waters.

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