BREXIT BETRAYED: Question Time Audience Mocks Labour MP

Like many, I despair of the BBC. The sacrifice of Andrew Neil on the altar of politically correct gender pay parity was the straw that broke the camels back for me; it truly deserves the moniker of Biased Broadcasting Corporation.

However, occasionally even the BBC apparatchiks cannot prevent the real world and real people bursting their liberal elitist bubble. Such a moment came on last Thursdays Question Time when the hapless Dawn Butler MP was relentlessly mocked for insisting that the Brexit policy of The Labour Party is ‘very clear’. Butler, the Shadow Minister for Women, called for ‘transitional’ membership of the Single Market and Customs Union which went on for “as short as necessary, but as for long as possible”.

So, basically forever and a day then. It is not surprising that the audience responded with raucous laughter. Conservative Work and Pensions Secretary, David Gauke MP, gleefully pointed out that it was hard to ‘take a leaf’ out of Labours book on Brexit when they have “a whole library of books on their position”.

It is clear that Labour are increasingly seen by the globalist establishment as the most likely vechile to deliver a ‘soft Brexit’ which suits them. However, and this is something we need to consider and actively combat, all the indications are that this is NOT effecting Labour’s electoral performance. They continue to perform well in by-elections, the how, the why and the wherefores will be considered at another time, look like a government-in-waiting and are clearly the government that the globalists want. Who better to sell a sell-out than a group of so-called ‘revolutionaries’?

Combating this needs to be a major strategic consideration for UKIP going forward – we need to be in this fight because Brexit is in serious danger.

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3 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    Labour can always count on its muslim voters, its dunderhead voters whose great-grandad always voted Labour, and the squillions in the public sector , the numbers of which the last Labour inflated to monstrous proportions , cultivating their loyalty. Meanwhile, what does the Conservative government do to differentiate itself from the lib/leftards? – very little. UKIP needs to elect a leader who says: “I want to put the British people first in everything”. In other words, AMW.

  2. Rob Johnson says:

    Spot on Pamela! Muslim tribal voting directed by their “community leaders” (tribal chieftains)……traditional Labour voters directed by long gone class war….and smug “public servants”, directed by self interest (and Unison)…..but despite all that rigging still lost the election!! ?

  1. 9:21 pm, September 16, 2017

    […] I alluded to something that should trouble all those who wish Brexit well. This something is the fact that the […]

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