JANE COLLINS MEP: The Need For a Strong UKIP to Hold the Political Class to Account is More Important Than Ever

Listening to President Juncker’s speech yesterday in Strasbourg it was clear his remedy for the Brexit vote is an increased dose of EU with more EU on an IV drip for good measure.

Whilst he expects the UK to be tied up in the playground fighting masquerading as Brexit negotiations, the bloc will be establishing trade deals with Australia and New Zealand – two countries with historic links to the UK who have already said they want a trade deal with the UK to be sorted quickly.

If anyone had any doubt before listening to Mr Juncker’s words this morning they should be long gone: UK trade envoys should be packing their bags and travelling the globe establishing free trade arrangements from Australia to Zanzibar.

Meanwhile, the EU Army which arch Lib Dem Nick Clegg called a ‘dangerous fantasy’ back in 2014 is progressing at a quick march towards a full defence union by 2025.

On top of that, there’ll be an EU Chancellor of the Exchequer, a Brussels version of the CIA and FBI to implement justice and home affairs and foreign policy will be decided by qualified majority voting. That means countries can have their opinions on how they deal with other countries, including military action, ignored by other EU members.

And as a final hat tip towards the removal of national sovereignty, MEP lists will be transnational lists rather than political parties representing people from one country.

One thing’s for sure: Brexit was the right decision for the UK but with Theresa May looking weak as she refuses to address MEPs in Strasbourg it’s clear the need for a strong UKIP to hold the political class to account is more important than ever

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