Pearson Blasts BoJo: ‘You Don’t Understand The EU’

Yesterday, we reported on Boris Johnson reviving the flagging controversy over the claim made during the referendum campaign that £350 million saved from exiting the EU could be diverted to fund the perpetually short of cash NHS.

Lord Pearson, a UKIP peer and former leader, has waded into the row saying that repeating this “naughty” claim shows Mr Johnson “does not understand the EU.”

He explained:


That’s the gross figure we give to the EU but they give us back half of it, about £10bn a year.


He went onto say that he had “begged” the Vote Leave campaign not to use this “misleading” claim. This is one of those rows that looks set to rumble on and on.

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2 Responses

  1. forthurst says:

    Vote Leave was a ramshackle affair which nearly cost us the Referendum through the combined incompetence of Mssrs Dominic Cummings, Matthew Elliot, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, at least three of whom are erratic and unreliable.

    I cannot be alone in having beem told by members of the public that they would not support a campaign that was leading on an outright lie and having to waste valuable time trying to disuade them. As we know, Dominic Cummings was so keen to create clear blue water between his organisation and that which campaigned for and won the Referendum, eventually, that their leaflets avoided highlighting the benefit of border control. Vote Leave’s leaflets were rubbish, their distribution network was practically non-existent and certainly in my area, it was only UKIP which operated an actual campaign because the very small minority of patriotic LibLabCon activists were either too lazy or too frit to break cover.

  2. Harry Merrick says:

    You say all that very disparagingly, and yet, who won the referendum? Leave win. Boris’s mathematics are quite right, when we leave we will not have to pay the EU any of the £350 million weekly, so we do have the total amount to redestribute as we wish! So, the NHS can and will get its extra funding!

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