JRE: The Islamification Of Britain

John Rees-Evans has published another manifesto in his bid to become our leader, this time focusing specifically on Tackling The Islamification Of Britain. I have once again summarised his document, with my own comments in brackets.

Last June, Britain voted to throw off the shackles of the European Union and “make British law supreme.” However, there is a “more pernicious and alien” legal system than the EU’s, which is stealthily propagating. Sharia law is spreading “with the implicit knowledge of the governing elite but without the consent of the British people.”

There are many integrated, lawful Muslims who legitimately contribute to our economy and should not be harassed. “Rather more radical and demanding expressions of Islam” have been “encouraged and incited by funding and rhetoric from overseas.” (This part is spot on. We must combat sects such as Salafism and Wahabism, while protecting innocent Muslims.)

The government has allowed this to continue because of money from oil and arms. They’ve diluted our heritage and legal code. “The liberal and left wing elites have strangely turned a blind eye to (or even colluded with) aggressive Islam and its hateful message.” (I used to think that they were merely so scared of being called racist that they’re racist the other way, but I now believe that they are also courting Muslim votes.)

“In 2014 George Osborne boasted to make London a centre of Islamic finance” without consulting the British people. “Various government and former government buildings operate under Sharia law.” (I was shocked when I first learned that Britain’s “leaders” had allowed this level of infiltration.)

“There are accounts of Sharia patrols questioning and even attacking” British citizens. Gangs intimidate and pester “those who are complying with British law but not their own.” “Muslim grooming gangs prey upon kafir, namely non-Muslim girls, and regard them as legitimate targets to violate.”

“Many, if not most, state schools in our big cities compel halal-only menus to be offered, with no alternatives to their children.” Rather than serve bacon, “Holiday Inns now routinely observe Islamic dietary laws” and supermarkets sell insufficiently labelled halal meat. “It would seem consumer choice must now bow before the writ of the Imam.” (They were quick to allow options for consumers who wanted to deviate from a traditional British diet, but they refuse to consider those that wish to return to one.)

“We have witnessed internally organised murder and mayhem on the streets of Britain.” British people have had neither a say on “this imposition of a foreign values system”, nor any proper solutions to terrorism. “Everything is decided for them behind closed doors, to protect vested political and financial interests.”

We need solutions such as “the utter rejection of Sharia as being legally enforceable; the proper regulation and inspection of halal slaughterhouses;” “unfettered freedom of speech;” “a robust immigration policy and properly funded border control;” “the restoring of proper choice in our schools and supermarkets; and the restoration of capital punishment for all terrorist attacks which end in fatalities.” (These are all sensible ideas.) “I am convinced the vast majority of British people, whether non-Muslim or Muslim, would want our political system to deliver these things and I pledge to work tirelessly to that end.”

With Direct Democracy, we all will choose the country’s direction. We will be able to opt for the halt of Islamification, just like we decided to get out from under the thumb of Brussels. “The political class will be unable to push political correctness and other systems of thought without our consent.” “Local residents ought to have a direct say in the planning approval of mosques.”

“We will create a blacklist of countries that fund” the proliferation of Jihadism. “The people will be able to decide which countries we do or do not deal with.” (Please note that John does not preclude the acceptance of skilled migrants from these nations.)

“Schools, hospitals, prisons and other public institutions should not use halal meat by default and should at the very least provide one non-halal meat option.” “Halal should be labelled in a way akin to cigarette packaging, with the label prominently taking up a percentage of the overall surface area of the packaging.”

We will ensure “the humaneness of methods employed in all slaughterhouses. There will be no religious exemption from this scrutiny.” “We believe this will encourage the technological advancement of humane methods of slaughter.” We must also look at research that stresses “the importance of the environment the animal is in before slaughter so as to reduce unnecessary suffering and distress.” (I am convinced that even the majority of omnivorous people believe in animal rights.)

“We believe the integration agenda’s proposals of routine inspections are too invasive and set a dangerous precedent in terms of the state being able to routinely order the inspection of the most private areas of a child’s body.” “We believe that undercover police operations, akin to the kind used to catch paedophile rings, are a much better method.” (This is brilliant! A simple solution to the enigma of protecting children from FGM without compromising privacy.)

While burkas and niqabs are alien to our culture, legislation must not deny people the right to cover their faces if necessary, such as “mascots in costume, bee-keepers and motor cyclists.” “We believe that while the impartiality of the police is questionable, and while free speech is openly under attack, people should also be able to cover their face and remain anonymous during protests – especially when protesting against the very authorities that would seek to intimidate them and shut down all forms of dissent.” “We believe people should be required to show their face in any social, public or service transaction.”

“The application of Sharia courts should be limited only to those relating to religious or spiritual matters” and must not conflict with the common law. “Options for Sharia finance should be available privately” but buildings must not be coerced into operating under Sharia law.

“Radicalisation in prisons ought to be curtailed by allowing visits only from vetted imams.” All prison literature should be scrutinised. Internet should only be allowed for education and vetted emails. We should execute killers of police and military personnel. “Incarcerating such murderers for a long time at the taxpayers’ expense, and providing a forum for them to radicalise others, is unjust and foolish.” (I have mixed feelings about a death penalty, but John’s argument in favour is logical and sound. Before anyone can be sentenced to it, we must be 100% certain that the accused committed the crime.)

Returning ISIS fighters with dual nationality “ought to have their British nationality stripped and be deported after the extraction of useful intelligence.” “Those with sole British nationality ought to be interred far away from the public” and enrolled on work programs to offset the cost of their imprisonment. “They should be subject to deradicalisation programmes and psychological evaluation until they are deemed no longer to be a threat.” (Allowing these dangerous individuals to roam free in the UK is ludicrous!)

We must be allowed to criticise or ridicule Islam, because treating this as blasphemy “is in itself a form of Islamism as it gives Islam an unfair advantage.”

We must defend our heritage and culture. “A completely secular state” is not “best equipped to hold back Islamisation.” “Britain must maintain that it is a Christian country, and this ought to be reflected in education and continued in our ceremonies, laws and protocols.” (As an Atheist, this makes me a little uncomfortable. However, Christianity is much preferable to Sharia law and Jihadism. Long gone are the days of clergymen hunting and murdering scientists and alleged witches. Also, upon the implementation of Direct Democracy, it will be decided by the majority just how far we take this approach. If Christian values are encouraged, rather than beliefs, I anticipate no problem.)


You can download a PDF of the complete document here or one of John’s general manifesto here.

(On the whole, Rees-Evans has produced another extremely impressive plan. Much of it matches opinions that I expressed in an earlier article.)

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7 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    I, and I believe all those members of UKIP, including all candidates for the leadership, would concur with these sentiments. However in my opinion and it is only my opinion, these matters are secondary to the issue of the serious backsliding that is happening with Brexit. When we have secured victory over the EU then I believe many off these concerns over Islam will start to be eradicated as many are due to our subjugation to the EU human rights elements currently in place. Those whose votes we will be relying upon next time must not be alienated by the accusations of extremism from our detractors. What I am trying to say I guess, is that Brexit will be more of a vote winner at this time than addressing the Islam issue, which of course will come in time.

    • Dario Melkuhn says:

      I am afraid that I must disagree with you that the problem of islamisation will be reduced after Brexit is complete. Sadly they already have a secure footing that Brexit alone will not reverse. It must have positive action to counter the islamisation of the UK and preserve our culture and laws.

  2. s says:

    I dont like the angle of attack, then the method has not been worked out it needs laws and need a cultural protection act, you can not just control one religion but them all and they should all be kept out of governance. You see its would effect the parties profile by saying we are stating Tackling The Islamification Of Britain. Its should be we are protecting the British culture and supplying sensible solution to do so. Also if there is an attack on religious meat preparation it should be all religious meat slaughter that includes Jewish and Hindu and maybe a few others. One thing we do not want to do is have blood on our streets and ethnic cleansing. See hate can cause hate when dealing with religions so its best to keep things cultural.

    • Dario Melkuhn says:

      This is the beauty of JRE and his direct democracy. He or anyone can put an idea forward and like yourself not liking the angle of attack he has put forward have come forward with a very valid refinement, the fundamentals have not changed but the presentation has and has also enabled it to be fairer across the board. This is far better than just dismissing an idea and does give power back to the people.

  3. Steve Bater says:

    JRE does have extremely good ideas and he can transform UKIP from being unelectable to electable. He has the best manifesto out of all the candidates and his policy of Direct Democracy is the best way forward. Everyone should vote for him to make UKIP great again. JRE are the only initials you need to remember.


    There is only one person both honest and brave and courageous enough to lead UKIP,and that is
    ANNE MARIE WATERS,anyone else and UKIP will be finished within a year.
    Click on my first link and you will see the absurd policy of being Anti Sharia yet Pro the vile and cruel bloody Pro Halal,see paragraph 9, this caused us to lose over 25% of our members,and millions who had voted for us in the 2015 General Election.
    You can see that JRE has no intention of banning this vile verminous non stun slaughter of our
    poor animals,Halal designed by Muslims to cause animals the most unimaginable pain and
    suffering possible,when they slit the animals throats,then they are shackled upside down on overhead conveyor belts,then while the poor animals are still alive,they effectively choke on their own life blood.This bloody abomination has no place in 21ST Century Britain.
    Today in Britain,we have more poor animals slaughtered by the bloody Halal method than the rest of Europe put together.A full combined head and body sun to kill method should be used in all Slaughterhouses,this should be made law,there would then be no need to pussyfoot around
    with labelling bloody Halal,as it would have been banned.All slaughterhouses would have CCTV cameras fitted.All Immigration would be banned,with an immediate ban on all Muslim Immigrunts.Any Muslim Terrorist Isis supporter would not be allowed back into Britain,and they
    would not be given any more Jihad benefits,paid for by the hard working British Taxpayer.
    All know terrorists would be rounded up,and not left to roam the streets of Britain,just waiting to either blow our young people to bits with suicide nail bombs,or waiting for their chance to mow our innocent people down on our pavements.All Muslim terrorists killed in their attacks on us,would not get their bodies or body parts returned to their relatives,so they would not become bloody Muslim Martyrs,which is what has happened in the past.All members of the
    Terrorists families would lose their homes,and be be sent back from whence they came.
    I find the Burqha extremely offensive,and i belive it should banned,i like the majority of Indigenous British people want it banned.Anyway whose bloody country is this? France,
    Belgium,The Netherlands,and Switzerland have all done the sensible thing and banned it.
    I believe that it enslaves women,and should never ever been allowed in the first place.
    Then JRE digs himself a bigger hole when he wants all protesters to continue to wear Masks so as to be able to hide their identities ,this is insane,click my link and you will see how stupid JRE
    really is,he cannot be trusted.he really is one sandwich short of a picknick.
    Click on my second link and you will see the wonderful Anne Marie speak the real truth about the Islamification of Britain,not the Dhimmi Muslim Appeasing Pro Bloody Halal version that is is the self same one that Paul Simple Nutall,and Peter Whittle and O’Flynn etc etc who with others were all
    responsible for that Halal leaflet,first seen at Nutall’s disasterous defeat,which lost us millions of support.
    It was wonderful to hear Anne Marie say :THIS IS THE RAPE OF BRITAINS DAUGHTERS ,WE HAVE IMPORTED HELL ON EARTH.This was in response when Anne Marie found out that Muslim
    Rape Gangs in the small area of Sandwell in Birmingham,had raped over 6,000 children over a five year period.
    Click my third link,and you will see Anne Marie’s Video,FOR BRITAIN and you will see Anne Marie say:LETS DEFEND THIS GREAT ANCIENT CONTINENT TOGETHER.
    We in Britain are in the last chance saloon,as I said at the beginning,if Anne Marie does not
    become our new leader,apart from UKIP being finished,this once great and former Christian
    Country,will be finished,because in a few short decades become a full Muslim Embracing State.

  5. Malcolm Sewell says:

    This is exactly what Anne Marie has said word for word almost. So if you support JRE then you support Anne MArie Waters, and she has obviously got her message accross loud and clear to john. Hooray is all I can say !

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