Aidan Powlesland: If Your Eyes Are Not on the Gutter But on the Stars, Please Vote For Me

To recreate the buccaneering spirit of the first Elizabethan age and the dynamism of the early Victorian era vote for me.

  • Tax Reform

If you want UKIP to stand for simplifying tax and reducing the burden of it on British industry by 25% (£82bn) per annum, as well as on citizens by 4% (£19bn) per year, you should vote for me.

  • Freedom

If you want UKIP to advocate less regulation, for example, repeal of 80% of the 21 clusters of employment regulations passed since 1963, thereby boosting the economy by £60 billion per year, you should vote for me.

  • Responsibility

If you want fiscal responsibility from UKIP you have to vote for me and my thirty eight point proposal to improve government finances by £54 billion per year.

  • Welfare and Productivity

If you want to shift our society away from doing nothing toward earning its way we must reform welfare. 63% of households receive a welfare benefit. If you want a reduction (taken mostly from the wealthy) in spending on welfare, by 43%, to what it was at in real terms in 1999 and thereby to free £114 billion p.a. for productive use so as to power a tide of wealth creation then vote for me.

  • Trade

We should sweep aside all tariffs and restrictions unilaterally so British industry would be able to buy whatever it needs at the best value for money and thereby become the most productive in the world. If you want free trade from UKIP you must vote for me.

  • Innovation (see

The Kingdom should withdraw from the United Nations Treaty on outer space with a view to offering UK jurisdiction as an umbrella over private property claims beyond the earth. This would attract investors from all over the world to do business in outer space under UK protection. The prospect of profit (for taxpayers too) in conjunction with well-judged venture capital style prizes, would kick-start the economic development of outer space to the particular advantage of the UK. For example, mining of the asteroid belt should be pushed to commence before 2024 in order to have a chance of being first to the so-to-speak low hanging fruit. I have proposed a £2 billion prize to build a VASIMR (or equivalent breakthrough technology) rocket to capture £23 billion of profit, after £10 billion costs, from platinum mining. Other prizes I propose include for a crewed interstellar ship design (£0.1bn) and a flying aircraft carrier (£0.35bn) to be one element of a new cyber and satellite warfare combined arms military doctrine. I also propose a reserve (£2.32bn). This might be used to finance a cislunar (extra-terrestrial) dock. Constructing a cislunar dock, for so relatively little money, would require exactly the sort of innovation this proposal is intended to bring on. The innovation prizes would be invested only if private enterprise came forward with convincing cases showing that profit could be made.

  • Housing (see

Vote for me if you want to see UKIP reform housing. Mine is the programme that will revolutionize (by repeal of The Town and Country Planning Act in favour of a reformed Law of Tort, by allowing interest rates to rise and tax reforms) the over-managed housing market. This will increase home ownership from 64% to 80%, enable non-owners to better afford rent and so do away with the need for social housing and the local tax that pays for it.

With the above seven foci UKIP will be the party of wealth creation, attractive to every voter who wants to a better life and particularly to every voter who is afraid of Jeremy Bernard Corbyn and who sees that the Conservatives no longer constitute a radical alternative to him.

As a history graduate of the University of Cambridge I know that it is not what happened in the past but what you learn from it in the present that matters.

My rivals think that only a change of clothes is needed to save UKIP or, even less realistically in the case of Peter and David and, in a sense, Anne-Marie and John too, that we hardly need change at all for they are focused on the issues that we already own and which led us to defeat in June. Any voter who thinks immigration or Islam are the biggest issues in politics will vote for us anyway and would have in June 2017. Our evisceration in June proves our 2017 platform is not enough.

I am the most painful candidate to vote for because I am the one who will change us most but I will do this in order that we may thrive.

I propose seven functional NEC elected posts; a membership growing, new media, manifesto-old-media, legal, funding, technology, and without-portfolio officer and six policy posts (welfare, defence-innovation, finance-economics, health, direct-democracy and other to act like a chief-of-staff-mentor-deputy to the spokespeople). Let us pay these twelve £4,000 expenses so that they know they are valued. Let us also reduce the number of spokesmen from twenty two to twelve and pay them £8,000 p.a. expenses. I advocate paying the unsalaried leader £12,000 p.a. expenses. We will be losing taxpayer funding of MEP and councillor spokespeople. We need to stand on our own two feet and not have spokespeople who can’t afford a train ticket to the BBC. I further propose increasing the membership fee from £30 to £90 per year (except for under 35s and veterans who I wish to charge £5). Assuming this increase reduces the membership by one half from 28,000 now to 14,000 the party’s revenue would rise by £420,000 per year thereby leaving £244,000 extra after new NEC/spokespeople costs. I further say let’s assign £50,000 of this £244,000 to the six functional NEC members as budgets, £14,000 to improve the balance sheet, £15,000 to HQ, £100,000 to financing general election deposits for 200 constituencies, £40,000 to the constituency branches and £25,000 to campaigning. The extra £420,000 per year income my proposal predicts is not the best reason for it. The best reason is that improving party finances would inspire donors to back a winner. If the loss of members was greater than predicted the policy could be dropped after one month. As such this is a low risk strategy. Once the party’s fortunes were restored the membership fee could be dropped. So in considering this strategy think not of your self-interest. Think of the party and only then decide if these ideas confound or demonstrate my suitability for leadership.
I would open the spokesman posts to applications from all members. I would regard warmly applications from my rivals John Rees-Evans, Jane Collins, David Kurten & Henry Bolton and my former rivals David Coburn & Ben Walker.
I advocate paying 10% of the gross income of each membership (not David’s unaffordable 20%) to the local branch of the party.


  • Direct Democracy

If you want a well judged implementation of direct democracy that preserves the paramountcy of leadership vote for me.

  • Duty

If you want to see us protect the UK citizens living in the EU from having to choose between their adopted and native countries you will vote for me. I will push Conservatives, Labour, and the EU including those seven EU nations who do not permit dual citizenship, to get the 1.2 million British citizens living in the EU a dual passport.

  • Domestic Security

To strengthen domestic security vote for me. I want UKIP to propose increasing MI5 officers by 70%, MI6 officers by 30%, armed police officers by 100% and spending on counter-terror police by 100% too.

  • Precision

Each increase in expenditure advocated in my manifesto would be more than paid for by greater offsetting cuts elsewhere. This is not true of any other candidate.

  • Defence (see

Of all the candidates it is I who would most improve defence. Not just by increasing spending on it by 78% (£25 billion) to put our spending on a par (nominally) with Russia’s, but also by attention to next-generation doctrine and technology. For example, by seeking to control (by satellite and cyber forces) the information space. As examples of how I would boost traditional strategic and operational forces I would see 9,000 new infantry & one new heavy cavalry regiment sent to eastern Europe and an ICBM nuclear submarine pen built underground and underwater in the Falklands. All the increases I propose would be focused on the external threats that are greatest. So, for example, I advocate research (even though it is a long shot) into the feasibility of inter-continental nuclear-electro-magnetic-pulse missiles which, if this technology could be made effective, would be ideal, if used in a first strike, for crippling, without causing mass civilian casualties, the power of rogue nations like North Korea to make mass destruction nuclear war. If you care most about defence I am the candidate to vote for.

If you love liberty and if your eyes are not on the gutter but on the stars, please vote for me – Aidan Powlesland.

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3 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    Henry Bolton seems the best placed for leadership if we are going to be a serious contender for Westminster access. A dream team could be JRE, D Kurten, P Whittle ,J Collins and Nigel Farage as senior advisor. Along with the rest of good UKIP talent, we would wipe the floor with anything the MSM could throw at us. With Brexit as our weapon of choice 17.4 million await us.

  2. len laws says:

    Looks like UKIP DAILY will not allow me to comment on H Bolton is this why Aiden is a long shot

  3. Steve Bater says:

    This man is absolutely barmy. Who on earth is going to vote for this candidate? He wants the party to lose 50% of the members by raising the membership fee to £90. He’s quite happy to have a party with no members. If you vote for him you are voting for a complete idiot that will be the party leader of no members. Astonishing.

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