Anger as Muslims Protest Local Halal Ban

Councillors in Lancashire are to be given a free vote on whether non-stun Halal meat is to be banned in schools across the county. However, when the same restriction was introduced in 2012, thousands of Muslim children boycotted school meals. Unstunned halal meat is currently supplied to 12,000 pupils at 27 schools in Blackburn, Nelson, Burnley, Rawtenstall, Hyndburn, Clitheroe, and Preston.

Halal meals would still be provided but the meat would be from animals stunned before slaughter. This has been rejected by Lancashire Council of Mosques’ (LCM) which has determined it does not meet fulfil the stipulations of Islamic law.

LCM chairman and Burnley resident Abdul Hamid Qureshi said:

“The LCM position is and always has been that stunning before slaughter means the meat is not halal and there is an argument about whether pre-stunning causes more or less distress to animals that slaughter without it.”

I would personally think that the debate over whether stunning involves more or less suffering for the animal is one of the most nonsensical ever to be had. This is the kind of mind-blowing insanity that cultural relativism produces. Not only are we being dictated to by the tenants of the Islamic faith but we are expected to believe there is a possibility that not being aware of your throat being slashed may involve more suffering than being fully aware.

Qureshi plays the victim card so well;

“This is personal crusade by Cllr Driver. For him, it is matter of feelings but for Muslims, this is matter of faith.

Notice the pejorative and no doubt the deliberate use of the word ‘crusade’ and why do Cllr Driver’s feelings matter less than a Muslim’s faith? I know that the position of UKIP on this question is the cause of some controversy and indeed it has appeared as an issue during the leadership campaign. My estimation is that the majority of the membership are rightly against the barbaric practices associated with Halal slaughter and clarity on the UKIP stance is an early issue that the new leader will need to address.



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12 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    This is surely a simple matter of governance, we have strict rules for the slaughter of animals for food consumption, which forbids any unnecessary suffering. This is not to be subdued in any way by any religious believes. Why are the “Animal rights” contingent not making any forcible effort to have this practice outlawed, they do so in matters of Fox Hunting, cosmetic and medical experiments. Sharia Law is another contentious issue and one where we should not give way. It is time for UKIP to take up the banner for our cultural Western lifestyles to be predominate in our land, any newcomers need to comply with them or make the decision to look elsewhere to expedite their believes. I cannot imagine Westerners not comping with Saudi or Iranian cultural requirements being allowed such leeway.

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    Is Britain an islamic country? No, and it never will be – we’ll fight to the death first.

    OUR country; OUR Laws. Obey our laws or leave the country – we never wanted you here in the first place.
    Weak and dhimmi governments have allowed this dreadful 5th column into Britain.

  3. Deborah says:

    I am absolutely devastated that this goes on in my country. I do not get through a single 24 hours without thinking about it, and the pictures being circulated on Facebook are horrific. I doubt if there are any people of the Islamic faith worrying about my feelings any more than they care about the torture they are inflicting on innocent animals.

    Aside from the absolute disgust I feel that this is being allowed to happen in this country in the first place, we should all be watching this with interest. My fear is that we already have enough political and institutional “pressure” carrying the Islamic banner, that this issue will result in our capitulation. And to those who think that Islam is not a problem, please take note, this is the situation when we try to enforce our decent culture and values with just a small amount of Islam in the UK. Every year that goes by without asserting ourselves these battles are going to get harder and harder, and possibly unwinnable very soon, if they are not already. What else will be up for grabs ……. women’s rights, child mutilation and the rest of the freedoms that our grandfathers and great grandfathers gave their lives for?

    Hopefully the new leader of UKIP,the Brave and courageous Anne Marie Waters,will ban bloody Halal non stun slaughter.We must have a full combined head and body stun to kill policy,we can then confine Bloody Halal to the history books!
    Our useless past and present so called leaders from War Criminal Blair,David Halal is safe with me Cam-Moron,to the present incumbent Sharia May,have all bent over backwards to every Vile wish of the death cult Islsmists.Halal demanded and designed by Muslims to cause the poor and peaceful animals the most unimaginable pain,when they have their throats cut,then they are
    shackled upside down on an overhead conveyor,then while they are still alive they actually
    choke to death on their very own life blood.I have campaigned for over 30 years to get this most evil and cruel bloody practice banned.I have seen videos when a Cow who had her throat cut has still been trying to moo,another when a lovely bull after having his throat cut,begins to cry,
    then to see lovely little lambs get their throats cut by these evil Aliens is truly heartbreaking.
    The blood lust of the death cult Islamists who demand this most evil,cruel,vile and verminous
    bloody ritual slaughter of our poor and peaceful animals must be banned,this bloody torture
    of our animals must be stopped,it should never ever have been allowed in the first place,it has
    no place in Britain in the 21ST Centuary.This disgusting vile barbaric torture bloody Halal so called religious slaughter,should not be prioritised above actual ethnics.As Pamela says above I reiterate,Muslims should never
    ever have been allowed into our safe and peaceful country.Every part of the World is on fire due to Muslim instigation,whatever country they live,there is death and destruction.There is no love
    mercy or forgiveness in their scriptures,they are the most serious threat to our citizens from within,by a people who hate us and seek and celebrate our death and destruction.They have no sense of reason or respect for Human Life,even less for all animals,they only belive in Jihad.
    Click my first link,and see for yourself if you dare ,the true horrors of Bloody Halal.
    From my second link,you can see my comments and other UKIP friends,colleagues and Activists,
    when we found out that Paul Nutall and his dullard advisors,had produced that most absurd
    Muslim Appeasing Pro Bloody Halal leaflet,at Stoke.This Pro Halal change of policy has lost us
    over 25% of our members,and over 200 of our Patrons,andof course the loss of millions who just did not vote UKIP.
    The only way that UKIP can now survive is by overturning that ridiculous Pro Bloody Halal policy,which has brought our once great party to it’s knees,and becoming more Radical,and we can only achieve that by voting for the wonderful Anne Marie Waters,to be our new leader,she
    can attract thousands of new members,and only she can halt The Islamification of Britain,she has both the knowledge and experience to achieve this,she can not only make UKIP great again,
    but she can also make Britain great again.That is why I urge everyone to vote for the Anne Marie
    Waters to be the new leader of UKIP,to carry on regardless,as if nothing has happened by voting
    for anyone else,will end in disaster,as I predict now that UKIP will be well and truly finished within the next year.
    Today is the 22 ND of September 2017,and I still haven’t been sent my ballot papers,and that is after I had spoken to head office on two separate occasions,has anyone else also been let down
    so badly as I have?Please let me know.
    Geoff.Elliott,RCT Branch,Pontypridd.

  5. Yesman says:

    Disgusting. This is Britain! British rules if you don’t like them then don’t stay here! If we (British people) go to another country we have to abide by there rules. So none British should abide by ours. Keep Britain British! It offend me that these conversations are even happening in our country but nobody cares about British peoples feelings, old foreigners opinions matter nowadays and if you speak out against it then you are a racist.

  6. Ephesian says:

    Ban it,ban it,ban it.The British Veterinary Association is against halal and it has no place in any civilised society.BAN IT!

  7. Ceri Jayes says:

    Petition Parliament 200131 calls for an end to the animal cruelty laws exemption given to halal and shachita slaughter houses. Please sign that online petition then share it with others. The sooner we get a debate on this the better. The petition had 10,000 signatories in its first 4 days.

  8. Ceri Jayes says:

    Petition Parliament 200147 calls for all halal and kosher meat to be labelled with method of production and slaughter. Please sign this online petition and spread the word.

  9. Ian Hensman says:

    WE need to have these NON-British activities banned .

  10. Jake Bennett says:

    Shechita slaughter is the Jewish equivalent of Halal slaughter I believe. I take it that this too is found to be unacceptable and must be banned too.

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