OPINION: Is This The Day Brexit Died?

Brexit, it has been said, is a policy without a government. Never has that been truer than today. Theresa May stood up in Florence and promptly bent the knee begging Brussels for an ‘implementation period’ for Brexit of “around” two years. So, is it really all over for Brexit? I think to answer that question we need to separate the technical and the political.


Henry Bolton OBE, speaking to me earlier, explained it thus:

The only reason we are talking about a transitional period at all is because the government has no plan to implement Brexit. 

This is an obvious problem. It was clear on June 24th that the government, especially the then Prime Minister David Cameron, had been caught with his metaphorical trousers completely around his ankles. He solved the problem simply for himself by resigning and leaving someone else to mop up the mess. However, that has proven to be of little use to the country.

Nobody doubts that disentangling Britain from the EU is a massive logistical undertaking. Equally, however, it is not unreasonable for people to expect their government to plan for such contingencies. If you commit to a referendum it shows the most mind-blowing arrogance to plan for the eventuality of the outcome you happen to support and none other.

So, if we are talking about technicalities purely we are looking at incompetence on a mind-bending scale. It actually reminds me of the Basil Fawlty invasion of Iraq which was supposed to be smooth sailing but is now known to have been a masterclass in how NOT to run a war and then build a nation. Warning for Brexiteers in this comparison: Blair’s invasion started out being relatively popular with opposition reduced to a fringe, and ended up becoming so wildly unpopular it poisoned the Labour well for decades. Something similar could very well happen in this instance and we could yet see Brexit reversed by popular demand.

The fact is that it may well be more than two years and the line will keep being spun that we are ‘not ready yet’ until a Labour government can swoop in and deliver a majority in a second referedum for ‘exit from Brexit’.


This is especially true as today’s announcement can only leave many Leave voters with a very sour taste in the mouth. Forget the logistics now. The appropriation of the transitional period by Remoaning Liberal Democrats and Labourites as a flag of convenience to ‘give them time’ to reverse Brexit means this can only be seen politically as the most rancid betrayal of the British people.

It clearly pains the heart of our current Prime Minister that she is in charge of doing something she most definitely does not want to do, taking us out of the European Union. She spoke so lovingly of the “international order that we have worked so hard to create” that I had to suppress the urge to violently vomit all over my laptop quite strongly. Theresa May is a brought and paid for globalist leading a brought and paid for globalist party and the previous UKIP regime, including as it does one candidate for the currently vacant UKIP leadership, should be totally ashamed of itself for sowing illusions in the desire of Mrs May’s Conservatives to deliver Brexit.

The fact is that the current chaos suits the political agenda of the enemies of Brexit quite neatly.


I have come to the conclusion that Brexit did die today. Why? Well, put simply, there is no answer to the above question. Mrs May and the Conservatives are incapable and largely unwilling to deliver Brexit. So, the current government will not. The government in waiting on the opposition benches is openly hostile to Brexit and won’t deliver it either. UKIP, with all due respect, is all out to sea and it will realistically take years for us to be in a position where we can bring the kind of pressure to bear on the backsliding establishment that would guarantee Brexit.

However, that may not be the last word. Now some interesting questions need answering, not least by Nigel Farage who promised to return to frontline politics if Brexit was imperilled. Well, Nigel, Brexit is imperilled, this is unarguable. So, I guess it is over to you……





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