“You’ll NEVER Be PM Of This Great Country!” Furious UKIP Student SLAMS Lib Dem Leader Sir Vince Cable

Last night’s episode of Question Time saw a fuming young UKIP member rip into Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Vince Cable.

Reece Coombes, the former South West Chairman of UKIP’s youth wing and the owner/founder of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog, is just 16 but didn’t hold back of the anti-Brexit MP.

He said “Vince, you’ll never be Prime Minister of this great country because you think the British people can be lied to and told they think something else.”

He then used Vince’s own words against him by saying “You said earlier, and I’m going to quote exactly: ‘if we leave’. NO, we ARE leaving. 52% voted to leave. That’s not up for grabs, that’s not up for negotiation.

“We voted to leave. How we leave, maybe we can decide that. But we voted to leave, and if you think the British people will change their minds, you’ll never be Prime Minister.”

Reece’s remarks were covered in the Express, Guido Fawkes and shared on social media by Leave.eu, which received almost 100,000 views.

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2 Responses

  1. Pamela Preedy says:

    Hurrah, there ARE young people who love their country and can tell old traitor where to get off. It wiped that arrogant smirk off Wince’s gob and no mistake.

  1. 12:36 am, September 23, 2017

    […] Helen made her comments in the same episode that young UKIP activist Reece Coombes declared “You’ll NEVER Be PM Of This Great Country!” to remoaner Sir Vince Cable. […]

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