Following on from my piece yesterday where I openly speculated over the possibility of Nigel Farage returning to the helm of the good ship UKIP, today has seen speculative pieces in the mainstream media. 

The Daily Express reports that Mr Farage is “thinking hard” over the next few days over whether to come back as UKIP leader. It is hard to disagree with the senior UKIP source quoted as saying;

The country is facing a crisis, Brexit has been betrayed and we need Nigel in this fight.

Reaction from the current leadership candidates has been warmly welcoming of his potential return. Jane Collins MEP said:

I think it is in the best interests of the country that Nigel returns – albeit with a new team supporting him.

John Rees-Evans has previously said he would stand down if Nigel returned and I would expect the likes of Henry Bolton OBE, David Kurten and Peter Whittle to follow suit. However, whether Anne Marie Waters would is open to debate, in my opinion, especially as they have previously publicly clashed over Islam.

No doubt exists that the precondition for Nigel’s return to frontline politics, the endangering of Brexit, is an established fact. However, he may also choose not to return as UKIP leader, a position he seems frankly not to want. So, how and where he may return is open to question. Either way, this promises to be an interesting final week in what has already been a eventful contest. 

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4 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    If AMW wins all is lost, he will not fly the UKIP banner again, that has to be agreed by all insiders. If any of the others win he could well return in the role of senior adviser to the leader. With the team we have and Nigel contributing from the sides, giving the appropriate interviews of course, then we could be unstoppable, this time it is right for UKIP. The opposition is in disarray and demoralised, now is the time to strike at the very heart of our political system.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Barrie, that’s so correct. I am a long way from cancelling my membership, but this unwanted and strange scramble at the top of the Party is quite simply unedifying. It is not adding to UKIP strength, and I feel that we may see more mistakes to knock the Party down further. Still waiting for at least one punch to be landed on the rather important issue of Brexit. The time is very right for UKIP, but leaders must lead, and lead now !

  2. len laws says:

    Barrie you are obviously entitled to your view, as are those who differ. AMW has voiced the real concerns echoed by the German result

  1. 11:02 am, September 24, 2017

    […] follows speculation yesterday that he may return to lead UKIP and this morning that he would head a new breakaway party […]

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