BREAKING NEWS – Farage: I Won’t Be Returning To Anything….Just Yet 

Nigel Farage, speaking on his Sunday morning slot on LBC Radio has said the following:

I won’t be returning to anything….just yet

He then went onto say “let’s just see how this pans out” and express the hope there would be a rebellion at the Conservative Party Conference.

This follows speculation yesterday that he may return to lead UKIP and this morning that he would head a new breakaway party bankrolled by Arron Banks.

It is beginning to look like some people have been making mischief and possibly hoping to profit in the leadership contest. 

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9 Responses

  1. Barbara Stevens says:

    well I hope he does return if any a man was needed for this nation its now.. we have Communists to the left of us and on the right been misled.. or conned take your pick.. but whatever we now must be assured we have what we voted for which was leave..and if the EU reject this offer outright is there a fall back plan or do we walk through the door..??

  2. eileen maile says:

    never a truer word spoken Barbara stevens we so need him. But i think we need to know if he will ever come back all the people that suported him need to know.

  3. Myra Shearer says:

    Things are definitely not going our way at the moment. Theresa May is cunning and determined. She “speaks with a forked tongue”. Our problem is that it takes a long time to build up a political party and we don’t have that time at our disposal. Right now we have the choice between Corbyn and the Tories neither of which is likely to give us what we voted for.It’s a total mess. I think Nigel Farage is wise to hang fire till he feels the time is right to make his presence felt again. It’s hard to be patient but good things come to those who wait.

  4. angela davys says:

    nothing will change untill 2022 the conservatives right to stay in power to end of their term they can change leaders within the party .

  5. Ian Edwards says:

    Agree with the comments above. I think Nigel will wait to see if Bolton ‘makes it’ as leader or not. Recently leaders have lasted weeks. That may be the crucial factor for ‘when’ he comes back and in what ‘form’. Perhaps ideally we want Bolton successfully leading the national campaign for a proper Brexit and Nigel working on international support for the Brexit, in tandem, but that’s up to them and the wider Brexit campaign movement. I totally agree that Mrs May is being out witted by Barnier’s non negotiating blocking tactic, did she not take heed of Yanis Varoufakis’s prediction. She is not helped by a dithering cabinet either.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is a warning to UKIP. I am a member, but in the beginning I was a supporter of Nigel Farage.
    Unless UKIP can sort themselves out, and interest Mr. Farage in coming back to the Party, they will have lost so much !
    If Nigel starts a new Party in UK/GB then I will join it, and leave UKIP.
    I would expect a Nigel Party to link with UKIP, as the aims are the same. Unfortunately UKIP have made fools of themselves.

  7. mike osborne says:

    It’s about time their was a new party. we are sick to the back teeth of the same old party’s that do nothing for the working class. The same shit goes around and around year after year nothing new. Except the rich rule and get richer, its these greedy Politicians and banker’s and Kharn don’t want the Uk to change. If it was possible Mogg should be leader with Farage his right hand man, i don’t think Mogg wouldn’t leave his party he is to loyal. We are fighting our own Politicians ,most of them would sell us down the river for a title and others for a job in the banks or news papers.What’s the point of voting when they change the rules, not listening to what we voted for its a joke and wast of everybody’s time and money.

  8. mike cook says:

    get this man to lead the labour party he would walk into no 10

  9. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The answer lies with the people. I think that probably, for the first time in my life, the people of the left, right and centre have seen that their Party, that they have been so loyal to, is not worthy of their support. This comes at a time for total unified action by the people. Rally behind the UKIP Party, that is not of the left or the right, but of this Nation. Give them a chance with your vote. Rejoice in the clear out of the Commons. If their no good, then get rid of them after one Parliament, but the odds are good for success with Brexit and future world trade !
    Nigel Farage has a right to his own life. We should not be pleading for the Messiahs return, and I am sure that Nigel would be aghast at that very idea. Henry Bolton is our leader, and we need to give him full support. UKIP is not just an idea, it is a product that has to be sold to the people, in the teeth of the lies and bent reporting that the Party has received, and will again. The people need to see how good this product is !

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