Diane Abbott: ‘Labour Won’t Impose Tory Bogus Immigration Targets’

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Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott (pictured above) is expected to tell the Labour Party Conference in Brighton today that the party will not commit to a numerical immigration target. She slammed the Conservative Party approach as ‘bogus’ and said that Labour would instead ‘not scapegoat migrants’ but come up with an approach to immigration that was fair and balanced.

The shadow home secretary will claim the Tories have been “disgraceful” on the issue of immigration in a speech at the Labour party’s conference in Brighton on Sunday.
Labour’s approach to immigration will be “reasonable” and not “scapegoat” immigrants, according to Ms Abbott.

The Labour leadership faces a potential challenge over immigration, with senior pro-European Union figures backing a motion calling for the party to commit to maintaining free movement of people from the continent after Brexit.

Ms Abbott will insist Labour’s approach to immigration will be based on “fairness” and “reasonable management”.

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