Why I’m backing John Rees-Evans

The clock is ticking, in exactly 5 days we will know who our new party leader is, with a First Past the Post voting system it’s basically for anyone to grab, and I feel at least 6 out of the 7 candidates have a shot at winning, and although I feel four of those seven candidates would be okay for our party, there is one man in particular who I feel has the strength, knowledge and power to lead, and is the best candidate and that is John Rees-Evans.

John is young, energetic and has a passion not just for our party, but for democracy as a whole through his plans to implement Direct Democracy if he is elected leader. I feel this is vital for our party and Direct Democracy is what will set our party away from the rest, we will be that party who actually care, consult and listen to our members, rather than just dumping on whatever policies the leader agrees with.

For those who watched John’s campaign launch, I’m sure like me you felt inspired by his message and his positive and strong vision for this country and this party, and I strongly feel that this party can get back on track under his leadership.

Although other candidates have impressed me in this election and should be given a role in the party going forward, such as Jane Collins (and Ben Walker), David Kurten and Henry Bolton, I feel John sets himself apart from the rest because of his sheer ongoing determination and love for this party. This was shown in the 2017 General Election campaign, John could have stood as a Candidate himself, but conducted the selfless act of working with other candidates to promote their campaigns, co-ordinating fantastic videos to help their campaign and broadcast some of the fantastic people we have in our party on a local level, and that’s what we need to look for in a party leader, a leader, someone with strength and determination who will put the interests of others above his own, which he is doing through Direct Democracy.

This Leadership Election is make-or-break for our party, and although there are numerous good people standing, there is one brilliant one who I hope you all consider voting for – Mr John Rees-Evans!

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2 Responses

  1. Barrie Greratorex says:

    I agree with your sentiments but would apply them equally to Henry Bolton who has a wider experience in most of the areas than JRE, who would also face some awkward grilling by our detractors, making it more difficult for the Party to gets it message across a wider section of the electorate.The elephant in the room is AMW.

  2. len laws says:

    Henry B is a career soldier following orders from above and passing to those below to carry out ,.Ukip needs someone with independence AMW.

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